Yemen: U.S. drones operating in our country, FM says

In a rare public admission, Yemen’s Foreign Minister told CNN that his country is using U.S. drones in its campaign against al Qaeda.

The [drone] attacks are undertaken by the Yemeni Air Force but there is intelligence information that is exchanged about the location of the terrorists by the Americans,” said Abu Bakr Abdullah Al Qirbi.

Although the U.S. isn’t known to let other nations operate its drones, Al Qirbi declined to confirm that Americans were operating the drones in his country. If the Yemeni Air Force is operating the drones as he says, it would be a rare concession by the U.S.

Al Qirbi said that the Yemeni government halted air strikes last December because of the possibility of “collateral damage,” but said he could not confirm there had been no strikes in the last month.

A report in Sunday’s Washington Post quotes a senior U.S. official as saying the United States has deployed Predator drones in Yemen, but has not yet fired on suspected targets because of unreliable intelligence on “insurgents’ whereabouts.”

via U.S. drones operating in Yemen, foreign minister says –

Let’s see what results this has.


2 comments on “Yemen: U.S. drones operating in our country, FM says

  1. MK says:

    Don’t forget whoever these drones are killing are not getting any fair trials and lawyers, something the left and even obongo demanded of Bush when he was keeping us safe.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, I’m doubtful whether this converts the killed on heroes or not, regarding terrorist propaganda.
      About Bush, I have always had contradictory feelings. I think that, instead of invading Iraq, he should have tried to tackle terrorism and extremism inside US. Anyway, today Spanish MSM are reporting that he said to Matt Lauer he was “a dissident of Iraqi war. I don’t know if he has actually said that, but if he has, well, I think the statement is stupid to say the least.

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