Pope in Spain: one can not live without truth, freedom

Pope Benedict XVI

Man can not live without freedom, and without truth and ” Honestly seeking and aspiring to truth is the condition of authentic freedom.” This the first message addressed by Benedict XVI to Spain, where he arrived this morning (saturday) at 11.30. The first leg of the two day visit is Santiago de Compostela, the culmination of the “Way” that down through the centuries has seen pilgrims from around the world come to pay homage to the Apostle James.

On arrival, a foggy day, the Pope was greeted by the Prince of Asturias, Felipe and Letizia of Spain, with whom, after the welcoming ceremony, he also had a private meeting.

Benedict XVI, from his arrival, called himself a pilgrim. “I wish to join the great host of men and women who down the centuries have come to Compostela from every corner of this peninsula, from throughout Europe and indeed the whole world, in order to kneel at the feet of Saint James and be transformed by the witness of his faith“. “In his deepest being, – he continued – man is always on a journey, ever in search of truth. The Church shares this profound human desire and herself sets out, accompanying humanity in its yearning for complete fulfilment. At the same time, the Church pursues her own interior journey which, through faith, hope and love, leads her to become a transparent sign of Christ for the world. This is her mission and her path“.

via VATICAN- SPAIN Pope in Spain: one can not live without truth, freedom – Asia News.

Zaatero went yesterday to say goodbye to the Pope as he went back to Rome. The joke here is that Zapatero was really making sure the Pope went back to Rome.

This is the best part of his message in Spain. His words about aggressive laicism, weren’t well received by the Government. Anyway, the worst thing of these two days has been the huge hypocrisy shown by Spanish polititians. They are always telling everyone that the Catholic Church is an antique and that the priests are a bunch of conservative guys who support Franco in disguise and protect pedophiles or something of the sort. Well, these days they have exhibited a “devotion” so marked (even crossing themselves and going to church) that it’s really moving.. if you don’t think that there is a crisis and they need the votes. 🙄

BY the way, Spanish MSM (with very few exceptions) have insisted on the “cold reception” that Barcelona, in particular, has given the Pope. So, I’m copying from Australian News.au.com (found) and you can judge:

Among an estimated 250,000 people gathered for the Pope, thousands watched on giant screens outside and broke into applause as his blessing transformed the edifice into a Basilica.

MK protests about the bias of AP. Spanish MSM are even worse. Just a comparison: last Saturday in Madrid there was a demonstration against Govt-ETA negotiation (again…) that gathered several thousand people in protest. Nearly no MSM have reported on it, but the gay kissing at Barcelona, has been widely reported.

Anyway, the worst weren’t the kisses: you can kiss wherever you want and I don’t think that anyone gets shocked at an homosexual couple kissing these days. The worst were the “slogans” they chanted and above all the one that says “the church that lights is the one on the flames“. Of course, none of them do this when Iranian or Saudi representatives come to Spain on official visit. So, it’s true what the Pope said about anti-clericalism and laicism, and that’s why some people have not taken it really well.


6 comments on “Pope in Spain: one can not live without truth, freedom

  1. Lucia Maria says:

    Considering that the MSM were predicting the Holy Father would be subjected to a cold reception in Spain, 250,000 is a phenomenal number of people.

    Great post, and great blog. I followed a link from MK’s place.

    • Claudia says:

      Hello, Lucia Maria, and welcome.

      That number was only from Barcelona. There were also a similar number at Santiago on Saturday if I am not mistaken.


  2. Typical hypocrisy and corruption from politicians…still under the thumb of the man in white…worse is that Spain denies it has a pedophile problem…and what about the sneaky evil presence of opus dei and its splinter groups in Spain????
    Gives me the shivers just seeing his photo

    • Claudia says:

      Being a practicant Catholic myself I can’t agree with that.

      The “pedophile” scandal has been quite exaggearated by MSM, which don’t like the morality taught by the Catholic Church. There is a very interesting blog, Just B16, which has dealt with the matter. Yes, there has been a problem. Yes, matters should have been dealth with before. Yes, much more harsh punishments should have been imposed. Yes, some bishops considered accusation on pedophile priests were made because people didn’t like the Catholic Church and so, didn’t investigate them profoundly.

      But I agree with Christopher Hitchens, that is not precisely a follower of Catholicism when he says:

      Thanks to the abuse of children by some priests, and the Roman Church’s feeble efforts to punish them, all that has changed. It is now respectable again to be anti-Catholic.

      Well, that’s reasonable. Paedophilia is disgusting, and particularly so among men supposedly dedicated to goodness.

      But the Vatican doesn’t actually tell its priests to abuse children. The vast majority of them do not so do. And it has tried to stamp out the problem and to offer genuine apologies to the victims.

      I (as a non-Roman Catholic) have examined some of the main charges levelled against Benedict XVI by his attackers, and found that several of them are simply untrue, whereas others have been crudely distorted.

      I don’t expect you to agree with me. I support freedom of expression always. But that includes fighting distortions and anti-Catholic bias in the MSM.

      PS: BY the way, I don’t belong to Opus Dei or any other Catholic organization. I am just a normal Catholic.

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  4. […] note: when referring to “aggressive laicism“, Benedict XVI wasn’t referring to the society itself, but to the Government policies. […]

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