Belgium: 5,000 circumcised women, thousands more at risk

Some 8,000 women have been circumcised in Belgium or are in danger of becoming a victim of this practice. The figure is an estimate by researchers at the Tropical Medicine Institute in Antwerp.

The largest number of victims live in Brussels and Antwerp.


Researchers have identified 1,190 girls under five years of age who are at risk as well as 1,690 girls in the 15 to 20 age category who are in danger of undergoing the practice during a holiday in their mother’s country of origin.

An estimated 5,000 women are believed to have actually undergone female circumcision in Belgium. [ed: Two years ago, the estimate was around 2700]

via Islam in Europe: Belgium: 5,000 circumcised women, thousands more at risk.


4 comments on “Belgium: 5,000 circumcised women, thousands more at risk

  1. MK says:

    I read elsewhere a while ago that because of the economic crisis, the savages are flying these people who do these to the west so they can perform them en masse. It works out cheaper apparently.

    Yet another uncomfortable benefit of multi culturalism that few in the west really want to stamp out.

    • Claudia says:

      Yes, I blogged about that here.
      I have even read a Western “feminist” who defended the practice because forbidding it is “cultural imperialism“:

      She believes the British campaigned against FGM in the 19th century not to protect Sudanese girls but because they believed it made women less fertile and therefore created (or could create) a labour shortage, making the Sudan less profitable as a colony. She associates anti-Sudan feeling in Britain, including anti-FGM attitudes, with the killing of General Charles Gordon in 1885 by forces loyal to the Mahdi, a charismatic Muslim leader. Gordon, allegedly a devout Christian, was treated as a great martyr in the British press. (Moviegoers may remember Charlton Heston as Gordon in Khartoum, a 1966 film; Laurence Olivier, in burnt cork, was The Mahdi.)

      Naturally, Boddy opposes imperialism and all its works. She takes this attitude a step farther by deciding that whatever imperialism opposes, she will defend in the most delicate and compassionate way.

      She obviously can’t endorse FGC, but a careful reading of her book demonstrates that she’s embraced one of the great lies of modern liberalism: Any culture is as good as any other culture and its tradition-endorsed practices (no matter how misguided, harmful and dangerous) deserve respect. Civilizing Women reads in many places like a grotesque parody of academic tolerance but its coherence and its highly detailed account of Sudanese culture reflect years of hard work. The fact that it expresses sympathy for an outlandishly cruel and appalling custom will probably do Boddy no harm in the world of contemporary anthropology.

    • Claudia says:

      By the way, someone is telling me that it prevents AIDS on Twitter… 😦

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