Afghanistan: Taliban use 2-year-old girl as bomb trigger

Taliban flag

TWISTED Taliban killers used a TWO-YEAR-OLD girl as the trigger for a bomb which killed her and five Afghan police, The Sun can reveal.

The terrorists stood the frightened toddler on the device and ordered her not to move.

Worried Afghan National Police raced to help the screaming child and when they picked her up to comfort her the bomb detonated. As well as claiming six lives the blast also injured a bystander.

Officer Rafiulah Qandahar – who is being trained by British troops and civilian cops at the Helmand Police Training Centre in Lashkar Gah – watched the chilling event unfold six months ago.

Rafiulah, 27, said: “She was just a little girl. It happened in Kandahar and was very sad. Bad people did this. They are enemies of humanity, enemies of Islam and enemies of the Koran.”

via Soldiers scupper bid to blow up British troops | The Sun |Features.


AL-QAEDA operatives in Iraq tried to unleash deadly terror in the skies by deploying a pair of dogs on a US-bound plane, it has emerged.

The plot failed because the bombs were so badly stitched inside the dogs that they died, according to a report in the respected French daily newspaper Le Figaro.

“This case illustrates the determination of al Qaeda militants, who are trying to circumvent terrorism controls by any means,” French criminologist Christophe Naudin, an aviation security expert, told the newspaper.

More about this here.


7 comments on “Afghanistan: Taliban use 2-year-old girl as bomb trigger

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  2. thats horrible!!!

  3. Angel says:

    thanks Claudia for the link is sheer madness..when will a leader begin to reverse this course!!!? (hugs)

  4. […] DELIGHTFUL Afghanistan: Taliban use 2-year-old girl as bomb trigger…. […]

  5. fight against suicide bombers says:

    It is all because of Pashtu people , Pashtuns are from southern Afghanistan and tribal and outlaw region, NWFP of Pakistan, they are the only ethnic group affiliated with suicide bombers, opium farmers, opium traders, and terrorist Taliban. In a simple word, Pashtun’s tribal and savage mentality puts him against the co-existence of different ethnic groups with different set of values together. Terrorist and barbaric tribalism Pashtuns are a big threat for peace and security in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both countries are multi-cultural and multi-ethnic countries, however, only Pashtuns use violence against other ethnic groups such as Panjabis, Sindhis, Balochis,etc. in Pakistan and against Tajiks Hazaras and Uzbeks in Afghanistan. Only Pashtuns are killing united nation’s security peace keepers, civil engineers and UN employees who are in Afghanistan to help the poor people. Pashtuns burn girl schools and some of them warp themselves with explosives and blow themselves up in civilian crowded areas, in mosques, in schools and on public buses. This cancer needs to be deleted with decisively and swiftly or it will destroy the entire region.

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