Germany: Terrorist suspect arrested in Saarland region

A terrorist suspect has been arrested in Germany’s Saarland region on Friday after posting three videos threatening to carry out terrorist attacks online.

The videos appeared on Youtube in mid-October, Saarland police said in a statement. The suspect had been under surveillance for several weeks, and was detained at his apartment on Friday morning.

The man demanded the release of an imprisoned member of the so-called Sauerland group which attempted to blow up US army bases in Germany in 2007.

Convict Daniel Schneider, who is serving his 12-year prison term in the Saarland region, was, like the arrested suspect, based in the town of Neunkirchen. Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, has been observing activities in the Neunkirchen area for some time.

Schneider‘s lawyer said his client opposes the videos and the attempt to free him.

via Terrorist suspect arrested in Germany’s Saarland region | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 05.11.2010.



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