UK: Venezuelan embassy to commemorate intifada

Venezuela insists on supporting any terrorist organization in the world. Venezuelan ambassador to Spain recently supported ETA, saying the terrorist organization was “fighting for just causes”… like Marxism, I add, because that their real objectif. And now Venezuelan Ambassador to UK supports the intifada:

The Venezuelan Embassy in London has been accused of glorifying terrorism ahead of its commemoration on Saturday of the 10th anniversary of the outbreak of the second intifada.

The intifada was “at the forefront of the world struggle against white supremacist neo-colonialism and settler-colonialism,” according to the embassy.

The legation’s website describes the event, titled “Ten years since the second intifada: making the empire turn back,” as an exploration of the reason for the eruption of the intifada and “its ramifications for the Palestinian revolution and national liberation struggle.”

It also says that the intifada “has been a catalyst, and formed part of the process of an emerging multi-polar world and the growing strength and confidence of the South.”

The event will “explore the intifada’s relationship with movements of resistance against Anglo-American aggression, invasion and occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas and conflicts in the ‘war on terror’.”

A message will be delivered on behalf of the Venezuelan Ambassador Samuel Moncada at the event. Other speakers include former MP and veteran anti-Israel activist George Galloway; the former plane hijacker Leila Khaled, who will address the event by video, and Massoud Shadjareh, chair of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, organisers of London Al-Quds Day – an annual event in support of the resistance movements against Israel.

via Venezuelan embassy in UK to commemorate intifada.


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