France: “youths” throw stones and pine cones to Catholics during All Souls’ mass

Vandalised Carcassone Church

150 people attending the memorial service for the dead late Tuesday afternoon in a church in a sensitive area of Carcassonne, were victims of two teenagers (between 13 and 14 years),who, after entering the building, they began throwing stones and pine cones to the faithful. One person was hit. In addition, a statue of the Virgin, targeted by the young snatchers, was damaged.

Two members from the church’s offices, left the premises to evacuate the two young intruders, who were unsuccessfully pursued. These blended into the neighborhood, after copiously insulting their pursuers.Yesterday morning, a complaint was filed in Carcassonne, where the facts are taken very seriously. The desecration of the church of Saint-Jacques and the stoning of the faithful, full galley – a first in a difficult area, however – sparked a big stir within the Christian community.

…For Father Bruno Garrouste, “this is a real desecration, “says the parish priest of Saint-Jacques, located in the sensitive neighborhood of Viguier in Carcassonne.

…”We take this seriously. You have to understand what happened “last night highlighted the prosecutor of Carcassonne, which also raises the qualification of the facts.

We can estimate that there is damage, of course, but also violence if the stone throwing were directed the faithful“. Yesterday evening the two young perpetrators had not been arrested.


Meanwhile the Bishop of Carcassone:

The outbursts of anti-Muslim hatred that followed the events of Carcassonne are much more offensive to Christianity and Christ himself as the stupidity of some ill-intentioned children.

The Bishop of Carcassonne and Narbonne can not endorse a call for hatred and sectarianism as it is developing on the Internet networks.

Well, those children are throwing stones today (what would have happened if someone would have been seriously injured? Normally churches don’t have stones, so they brought them there possibly to attack the faithful, that is, with malice aforethought). What will they throw tomorrow?

Of course, any “outburst of violence” that would target Muslims on an indiscrimate basis or that would differ from taking the culprits of those acts to the police, would be wrong (although probably they would not get a severe punishment, at least they will have already a juvenile record..). But it’s interesting to note that there is an ongoing intolerance in France from Muslims to non-Muslims, something they don’t speak about when everything is blamed on “Islamophobia“. Why there is no condemnation of those acts from Islamic communities? That’s what should ask themselves and specially the Bishop.


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