UK: Al-Qaeda Terrorist Arrested

Theresa May

On Wednesday, British Home Secretary Theresa May said that its very likely British extremists hardened and trained in Somalia may try to commit mass murder in London. This comes after it was revealed that they arrested a member of al-Qaeda and is holding him. They have pledged to do more to target terrorism overseas.

Talking to the Royal United Services Institute, May revealed that an associate of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was arrested earlier this year and is suspected of planning an attack on the country. This terrorist unit has been blamed for the cargo bomb plot on the US just last week, which was intercepted. The bombs were found in printer cartridge packages in Dubai and Britain and were being mailed to the US. It’s believed that Anwar al-Awlaki, a US national and al-Qaeda leader, was the mastermind behind the attack from his base in Yemen.

May says that the government’s review on counter-terrorism will include big changes that will lead to a much better balance. They will enhance their protective security measures where necessary, she explained, and will invest in stopping plots and conflict prevention overseas. They will refocus the strategy for preventing radicalization in Britain, she continued, and will strike a better balance between their security and liberties.

via al-Qaeda Terrorist Arrested in Britain | Travel news from car rentals.

I would like to know, how they are going to do that, if they don’t fight the ideology behind.

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