Spain: Cunit’s imam sentenced to a year in prison

Benbrahim Mhamed

New condemnation of the Spanish courts against an imam. This time the condemned is Benbrahim Mhamed, imam of the town of Cunit (Tarragona), who has been sentenced to one year in prison for serious constraints against Moroccan Fatima Ghailan, the town’s cultural mediator.

Fatima Ghaylan

The president of Cunit’s Islamic cultural association, Abderrahman el Osri, was convicted of the same crime and sentenced to nine months in prison and the imam’s daughter, Hafssa Ben Brahim, to pay a fine of 730 euros. They may not approach the victim or communicate with her for two years and must pay 1,500 euros in moral damages.

The defendants were tried for threatening and coercing a Muslim neighbor, one of the local cultural mediators, who stopped wearing the veil.

Abderrahman El Osri

The judge said evidence proves that the convicted acted with “a premeditated plan of action to deprive the injured of peace” and attempting to make her abandon her job.

Mhamed Benbrahim also threatened the mediator, as the decision considers proved he told her:

You will not last a day longer, I will kill you and your children.”

The president of the Islamic community contacted the affected husband saying his wife was not a good wife and urging him to enter into remarriage.

Un año de cárcel para el imán de Cunit |

Clearly the guy’s a non-violent one.

They won’t be able to get near the victim during the next two years and are obliged to pay her €1,500 due to moral damages.

The imam’s daughter collected signatures from the Muslim community on a document sent to the mayor of Cunit in November 2008, in which it was stated that the victim “had no studies, that she didn’t gave sufficient information to those in need and that was irrespectful to them. “

They also explained the Major that Fatima, the mediator, falsified reports and informed of the goods they had, preventing them to be granted aid and, afterwards, contacted a member of the Government’s religious affairs office, Agustí Iglesias, accusing Fatima of being their “mole” in the hall and that she passed their information to them.

The Judge clarifies that, although the prosecution asked for two years in prison for the crime of threats, for defendants Mhamed Benbrahim  and Abderrahman El Osri, he doesn’t condemn them of both crimes because the threats are part of the conduct by the defendants to restrict freedom of the victim, who ended up suffering with symptoms of depression.

The sentence reflects the acquittal of the imam’s wife as there is no proof of her involvement on coercion against the Cunit’s officer and that the facts were not motivated by Fatima not wearing the veil, but by rumors circulating in the Islamic community.

I would have liked them to be expelled, not to be imprisoned here at taxpayers’ expense and having the opportunity, in the future, to do this again.

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