Iraq: Pope Sends Message to Syriac Archbishop of Baghdad

Well, I am a really Angry Catholic Infidel after reading what you’re about to read and it’s probable than you finish the post, you are angry too. The post is a bit long, so I apologize in advance.

Iraqi hostage of Catholic Church "Lady of the Salvation" after being released

Deeply moved by the violent deaths of so many faithful and of the reverend priests Tha’ir Saad and Boutros Wasim, I wish, on the occasion of the Sacred Rite of funerals, to participate spiritually, while praying that these brothers and sisters be accepted into the mercy of Christ in the House of the Father.

For years this beloved country has suffered untold hardships and even Christians have become the subject of brutal attacks that, in total disregard of life, an inviolable gift from God, want to undermine trust and peaceful coexistence.


Pope Benedict XVI

I renew my appeal that the sacrifice of these, our brothers and sisters, can be seeds of peace and a true rebirth, so that those who care about reconciliation, solidarity and fraternal coexistence, find motivation and strength to do good.

To all of you, dear brothers and sons, I offer my apostolic blessing, which I willingly extend to the injured and to your families so sorely tried.

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You can read there the speech that the Archbishop of Baghdad made  at the Synod. Despite some delusional voices who attacked Israel, the  most important number of speakers from the Middle East were really clear about the violence Islamists are using against them and the need to confront that and search for solutions (here, here, here, here).

The final toll raises to 52, both faithful and police. The description the faithful gathered at the Church to pray, made of the terrorist attack, is dramatic:

Many parishioners dived beneath the pews seeking cover. But the dozen or so gunmen, some wearing vests covered with explosives and carrying grenades and other weapons, took aim at the scrambling congregation.

Those who couldn’t find a place to hide were killed,” Mikhal said.

She was among more than 70 people who pressed together in the priests’ dressing room. The group blocked the door with a dresser, and knocked out the fluorescent lights and waited in the dark. One of the priests, Father Rafael, had taken shelter with them. Mikhal spotted Baan Selim, a relative through marriage.

Oh Mary, Christ, God, please protect us,” they whispered and sobbed….

For survivors like Mikhal and Selim, who swore Monday that they would never again step foot in an Iraqi church, the immediate goal was finding a way to leave the country. The place they loved, a place of faith and rebirth, their sanctuary, had been infected by Iraq’s death and bloodshed.

An hour into the attack, militants inside the church roared, “God is great! God is great!” A fresh explosion jolted the building. Screams rang out.

Selim thought a suicide bomber had blown himself up. Mikhal was near Selim and tried to calm her with prayers. People started crying in their hiding place and the gunmen discovered them. Someone lobbed a grenade into the middle of the room.

The explosion left blood everywhere. Some people slumped to the floor. Father Rafael, who shielded Mikhal from the shrapnel, was badly wounded.

Read the post. It’s worth a read.

This is why, I really get very angry, each time a moron tells me I hate. Or that I don’t consider Muslims as persons. Or so many other moronic excuses to realise that there is only one side which is killing here. And all I want is that they stop the killing, not that the rest begin to kill too.

But of course, they won’t. Now they are also threatening Egypt, because of the  hateful sheiks who have accused Coptic Christians of “kidnapping” supposed converts to Islam and the whole Church of stockpiling weapons and of being accomplices (more or less) of Israel. Egypt has “protested“, but that means nothing when Mubarak is conspiring with the Islamists so his son Gamal can inherit the Egyptian “presidential seat”.

And meanwhile, I don’t see the same scandal, the same rage in Governments that I saw when that stupid US pastor, Terry Jones, threatened to burn a Qu’ran.

It’s not very promising, but it seems a book is much more worthy than persons.

Yes, I am very angry. 😡

PS: The slain priest had asked Terry Jones (I wanna burn a Qu’ran):

“I would like to send a message to the pastor who is in America; he lives in a society that protects humans and religious beliefs,” said Father Thaer at the time. “Why would he want to harm Christians in Iraq? This is dangerous.”

Of course, the terrorists are the only culprits of this (what would happen if some Neo-Nazis or White Supremacist morons would do this in a mosque in Europe? I imagine the cries about Islamophobia and, yes, it would be entirely wrong). But that there were Muslims who were violent and who would resort to violence to impose their own creed, that’s something that the Mohammed cartoons had already made clear.

Anyway, Vatican envoy to the UN is somewhat angry too:

The archbishop said with dismay that a UN report on religious tolerance did not “note the fate of Christians who have been driven from their homes, tortured, imprisoned, murdered or forced to convert or deny their faith around the world.” International leaders must address the oppression of Christians, he insisted.

Archbishop Chullikatt said that although the Holy See favors efforts to protect religion from “hate speech and incitement to violence,” his delegation was uneasy with the approach that targets “defamation of religion.” In practice, he said, measures promoted to stop “defamation of religion” have actually “served as a means for State-sponsored oppression of religious believers.”

Yesss!!! The abominable UN resolution against the “defamation of religions”. Right and to the point. Now, please, can you begin a campaign against the resolution? And how about beginning a campaign against “Christophobia” or “non-Muslim phobia“?

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