Lebanon: Hezbollah to take over “large parts of Lebanon”, report claims

Hizbullah's women

Within two hours of an indictment by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) against members of Hezbollah, the party will implement a non-violent scheme to “hold a security and military grip on large areas of Lebanon,” Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar reported Monday.

Two security analysts NOW Lebanon interviewed, however, said they believed the report was more of a political message than a clear blueprint for how Hezbollah would react if party members are indeed indicted as such a move would likely turn quite violent, regardless of the party’s intentions.

Nazi salute of Hizbullah terrorists

Shortly before Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave an October 28 speech in which he called on Lebanese officials to boycott the STL, according to the report,  the party conducted a simulation that would involve its political and security forces holding “a grip on major cities in Lebanon, from the capital and the suburbs to the Kesrouan highlands and North Lebanon, as well as holding a grip on seaports and border crossings to prevent the escape of personalities.” The plan would be launched if party members are indicted, something expected in Lebanon that the court has neither confirmed nor denied.

via Lebanon news – NOW Lebanon -Hezbollah to take over “large parts of Lebanon”?.


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