Iran: “Solidarity and unity among different Muslims faiths”

Not for other religions…

If it weren’t for the wise fatwa of the Supreme Leader on the necessity of avoiding insult to the others’ sanctities, the Islamic Ummah (community) would be entangled in a new plot which could not be controlled easily,” President Ahmadinejad’s Advisor for Sunni Affairs Mowlavi Eshaq Madani told FNA.

He called on the Muslims worldwide to take the opportunity presented by the leader’s fatwa and enhance solidarity and unity among all the different Muslim faiths.

Islam’s power, greatness and grandeur will be shown to the world once there is unity among Islamic nations,” Madani noted.

Muslims, including Sunnis and Shiites and other Islamic sects are facing common enemies, therefore, they should stick with unity and solidarity in a bid to gain victory over them,” he noted.

Earlier this month, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei in response to a question asked by one of his religious followers announced: “insulting the symbols of the Sunni brothers, including the Prophet Muhammad’s wife (Aisha) is forbidden. This includes the women of all prophets and especially the holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The fatwa was widely welcomed in the Islamic World.

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has repeatedly called on Islamic countries to keep vigilant about the US and Zionists’ plots, warning that enemies of Islam are seeking to sow discord among Muslims.

via Fars News Agency :: Sunni Cleric Lauds Supreme Leader’s Fatwa on Religious Values.


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