Afghanistan: Karzai criticises US-Russia drugs raid

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has criticised the first joint operation by Russian and US agents to destroy drug laboratories in his country.

Mr Karzai said he had not been informed of Russia’s participation – a sensitive issue in Afghanistan ever since the Soviet occupation ended 21 years ago.

He called it a violation of Afghan sovereignty and international law.

Russia said more than a tonne of heroin and opium, with a street value of $250m (£157m), was destroyed in the raid.

Officials in Moscow have in the past accused coalition forces in Afghanistan of doing little to tackle drugs, and thereby helping to sustain the estimated 2.5 million heroin addicts in Russia.

via BBC News – Afghan President Karzai criticises US-Russia drugs raid.

This is good. Someone who is in power because of an international coalition (if not the Talibans would be there still and Karzai would not be president) claims that destroying a tonne of drugs is an “sovereignty violation“. If Afghan Govt would have done this, no foreign Govt would have been obliged to intervene.


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