Indonesia: preacher funded terrorists in Aceh province

This is an update on this story:

Radical Islamist preacher Abu Bakar Bashir allegedly raised tens of thousands of dollars to set up a training camp for militants in Indonesia’s Aceh province, a court heard on Thursday.

Bashir, who continued to campaign for an Islamist state after serving a prison sentence for his role in the 2002 Bali bombing, was also the “amir” of a terror cell planning to attack embassies and hotels, the prosecution said.

The allegations were made during the trial of Luthfi Haidaroh, alias Ubaid, 31, who faces a death sentence if convicted of raising funds for the cell, dubbed “Al-Qaeda in Aceh“.

Bashir, who is currently in police custody, is not on trial.

Haidaroh, who also faces charges including possession of illegal firearms and hiding information about acts of terror, was a member of the Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT), a group Bashir founded in 2008.

JAT agitates for the adoption of Islamic sharia law and militant jihad in Indonesia.

Prosecutors told the West Jakarta district court Haidaroh had helped Bashir to raise at least 20,000 dollars to set up the training facility on northern Sumatra island and regularly reported to him on the group’s activities.

The accused relayed a message from (slain militant leader) Dulmatin seeking funds to survey the location of militant training in Aceh. Abu Bakar Bashir agreed with the plans,” prosecutor Feritas told the court.

Dulmatin, considered one of the masterminds of the Bali nightclub bombing, in which 202 people died, was killed in a police raid in March, a month after the discovery of the training camp in Aceh.

Haidaroh had discussed setting up the camp with Dulmatin and had “agreed during the talks… (to appoint) Abu Bakar Bashir as the program adviser for the militant training in Aceh,” Feritas said.

At the time, Abu Bakar Bashir was also nominated as amir (ruler),” he added.

Bashir gave cash to Haidaroh on at least three occasions in 2009 — five million rupiah (560 dollars), 5,000 dollars and 120 million rupiah — which was given to Dulmatin to be used to support training, Feritas said.

via Indonesia preacher funded militants: court – The West Australian.


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