Yemen: woman arrested over explosives sent by UPS

This is an update on this story:

Yemeni security forces arrested on Saturday a woman thought to be involved in sending explosive packages headed to the United States after surrounding a house where she was hiding in the capital Sanaa, a security official said.

…Napolitano told CNN on Saturday that the parcel bombs appeared to include the same explosives used in the Christmas Day attempted attack, pentaerythritol trinitrate, or PETN.

…The device found on a U.S.-bound cargo plane at a British regional airport was “viable” and could have brought down an aircraft if it had exploded, British Home Secretary May said on Saturday.

via Yemen arrests woman over parcel bombs sent to U.S. synagogues – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

More here.

Speaking after a meeting of Cobra, the Government’s emergency planning committee, the Home Secretary added: “We do not believe that the perpetrators of the attack would have known the location of the device when it was planned to explode.”

She announced an immediate halt to all unaccompanied air freight from Yemen.

Our investigation remains sensitive,” she said. “We are working closely with international partners to increase our understanding of this case and of course to bring those responsible to justice.

“At this stage there is no information to indicate another attack is imminent.”

Yemeni authorities said they had seized 26 other suspect parcels at Sana’a international airport and were examining them.

US authorities said the bomb plot bore “all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda”.

Regarding the device found in Dubai,

Dubai police chief General Dahi Khalfan said: “This was a parcel bomb and a terrorist act could have occurred,” adding that the device could have “exploded” on board the airplane had it not been intercepted in time.

The device consisted of a computer printer whose ink contained explosive material, connected to a mobile phone SIM card and a circuit board, a police statement said.

More on the targets:

In Chicago, the Or Chadash synagogue whose members are primarily gay and lesbian Jews said it had been notified it was one of the two targets of the terror plot.

Or Chadash shares space with another synagogue, the Emanuel Congregation.

The communications director of Emanuel Congregation told ABC News today that she noticed an unusually high number of hits on the temple’s website from an IP address in Cairo a few weeks ago, but didn’t think anything of it until now.

So it was not a “random person in the other side of the world” they wanted to kill. They wanted to kill an homosexual Jew from an special synanogue.  Of course, it didn’t matter what homosexual Jew they killed. They are all very bad infidels, and so, any of them is very qualified to die, in the demented mind of AQ members.

And more:

The wiring of the device indicates that this was done by professionals,” the paper quoted an official involved in the investigation as saying. “It was set up so that if you scan it, all the printer components would look right.”


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