Maldives: police arrest “celebrant” of degrading “vows exchange”

The Maldives Police Service have arrested two men involved in the infamous ‘wedding’ ceremony at Vilu Reef Resort and Spa, in which the ‘celebrant’ and up to 15 complicit members of staff degrade and humiliate a Swiss couple in Dhivehi. (And the other 15 members who were “complicit”?)

One of the men arrested was identified as Hussein Didi, a food and beverage assistant at the resort who acted as celebrant and who was filmed unleashing a torrent of hateful abuse at the oblivious couple.

Under Maldivian law non-Muslims are not permitted to marry in the Maldives, but many resorts offer ‘renewal of vows’ ceremonies. (You can’t also be a citizen of the Maldives if you’re a non-Muslim, according to article 9 of the Constitution).

The court decided yesterday that [the men] should be kept in police custody during the investigation,” said Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

The men have not yet been formally charged, “but this is a very serious issue related to our economy,” Shiyam said. “Once we complete the investigation the Prosecutor General’s Office will decide the charges.”

via Police arrest ‘celebrant’ as President expresses disgust over false wedding ceremony | Minivan News.

So, how many other couples have been mocked during “vows exchange” ceremony? Because this is not (clearly) the first time this happens: this is the first time that the MSM have picked the story, something which is somewhat different. They haven’t arrested this guy because of the evident humiliation of the tourists, but because foreign MSM have seen how tourists are seen there, with the possible problems to the tourism’s industry.

Video: Dream wedding Swiss pair humiliated at Maldives ceremony.

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