Iran: Khamenei’s speech in Qom

Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Image: Wikipedia)

This week, for the first time in a decade, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has started his visit to the city of Qom, the heart of the Iranian Shi’ite religious establishment. The visit takes place amidst reports highlighting tensions between Khamenei and religious establishment leaders over his Islamic juridical qualifications and as reformist clerics increasingly challenge his political leadership following the crisis that broke out after the last presidential election.

Early during his visit, the Supreme Leader gave a speech to the numerous citizens who came to welcome him in which he strongly criticized Iran’s enemies, saying they sought to denigrate its citizens’ religious faith, the key to Iranian success. He noted that even though the enemies attempted to sever the bond between the Iranian public and the regime, the participation of 40 million Iranians in the last presidential election showed the public’s support for the regime and Islam. The enemy’s scheme failed, and the riots that broke out after the election made Iran immune to the “social and political microbes” that threatened it. He added that, using the media, Iran’s enemies are trying to promote two ideas: Islam without clerics, and separation between religion and politics. Referring to the sanctions imposed on Iran, Khamenei said they are designed to increase pressure on the Iranian people and create a disconnect between the people and the government; however, the citizens know how to handle economic sanctions, which will therefore have no effect on their lives (Fars, October 19)

via Spotlight on Iran.

Just read again what ideas are so rejectable for Khamenei and then read this. Till Islam doesn’t distinguish between politics and religion, its potential as a totalitarian ideology won’t disappear, as we can see both in Iran and in Saudi Arabia.

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