Gaza: Big rally by Islamic Jihad, joined by Hamas

Tens of thousands of supporters of the militant Islamic Jihad movement rallied in the streets of Gaza on Friday, chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Young men and boys wearing white T-shirts with a slogan in the shape of a rifle bore portraits of militants killed in combat, under the black flags of Islamic Jihad.

Ramadan Shallah, the group’s exiled chief in Damascus, sent a recorded message marking the anniversary of the assassination of the group’s leader Fathi Shiqaqi in Malta in 1995, by presumed Israeli secret agents.

“Israel will not bring peace to the region, it will only bring war and destruction and therefore, the slogan of all should be that Israel must be wiped out of existence,” said Shallah, who is on a United States wanted list.

Senior leaders of the ruling Islamist group, Hamas, joined the open-air gathering, the largest for years in honor of Islamic Jihad with up to 100,000 attending according to its organizers.

Hamas allowed the group to use city terrain it usually reserves exclusively for its own rallies, and Hamas forces provided security for the parade by its smaller rival.

via Big rally by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, joined by Hamas – Yahoo! News.

By the way, Hamas considers that “Islamization is no crime“:

The West is floundering in immorality and has no right to criticize the Islamist movement Hamas over the way it governs the Palestinian territory of Gaza, a veteran leader of the terror group said.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar told Reuters in an interview that Islamic traditions deserved respect and he accused Europe of promoting promiscuity and political hypocrisy.

“We have the right to control our life according to our religion, not according to your religion. You have no religion, you are secular,” said Zahar, who is one of the group’s most influential and respected voices.

He also added that “Westerners use women as animals“. Heh, isn’t it ironic that people who support mysogyny (here, here, here), rape female “pacifists” who go there to support them and honor killings (more here and here), are actually saying this?

Meanwhile they don’t want to assimilate to host countries in the West. 🙄

Related: 73% of Palestinians under 30 want to live under Shariah Law, only 2.3% says US is best ally.

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