Project: Challenge Radio

The objective of this project, according to its proponent, is providing conservatives with another tool to fight against the obvious leftist dominance in the media. Despite the great number of conservative blogs and websites, there are very few citizens’ conservative talk radio programs in Europe, something which diminishes our possibilities of making people aware of what’s going on. Normally, radios reach more people than any website and are much more dynamic and appealing than them.

In the US recently, Conservative Talk Radio has made a tremendous impact on the political arena in alerting the public about:
1.- the efforts of the left in power to “fundamentally transform US”.
2.- appeasement to the Islamic supremacists”.

Given the present situation of Europe, a Talk Radio of this nature is more than needed. It also should be very appealing to listeners, as it is not limited by space or time, as the programs can be listened to wherever the user wants to. The main inconvenient could be the laws which limit the freedom of expression, which are much harder than in the US.

Conservative Talk Radio can be named as “Challenge Radio”, which is just a tentative working name and its s subjects could be anything interesting to the listeners from a Conservative perspective, although the fight against Islamic supremacism would have an important place. As his proponent says, “the Challenge Radio concept sets forth unique strategies which have the potential to legally circumvent restrictive European speech laws and deflect any outright coercion and threats of all types by Leftists and their Islamic Supremacist allies“.

At the present stage it’s just a project. To read more go here.

DISCLAIMER: It’s not my project, and I am only giving it publicity because I think a citizens’ radio is necessary in Europe. But it’s not an endorsement. I will give it when I see what people and/or groups give support to it. Anyway, I thank Michael for having asked me to promote his project. I hope it really gives very good results.


3 comments on “Project: Challenge Radio

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  2. Bob Mack says:

    It’s an interesting idea. Lots of implementation obstacles, not the least of which would be finding strong on-air personalities that would appeal to a transnational audience. The U.K. seems like fertile ground for such an endeavor, especially since I’ve now read that the No. 1 boy’s name in the tattered isle that once was home to King Arthur and Lord Nelson is now “Mohammed”.

    • Claudia says:

      We’ll see who is interested. There are so many prejudices against speaking clearly against political Islam that it will be a little difficult. 😦

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