“Islam not invasive”: Impositions rise in French public state schools

Teachers often faced objections when they taught courses about world religions, the Holocaust or France’s war in Algeria, or discussed events related to Israel and the Palestinians or American military actions in Muslim countries, the study said.

Teachers regularly find that Muslim parents refuse to have their children learn about Christianity,” it said. “Some think it amounts to evangelisation.”

Anti-Semitism … surfaces during courses about the Holocaust, such as inappropriate jokes and refusals to watch films” about Nazi concentration camps, it said. “Tensions often come from pupils who identify themselves as Muslims.”

Teachers found they could discuss the trans-atlantic slave trade but met criticism from pupils when they brought up the history of slavery within Africa or in the Middle East.

Reflecting the promotion of anti-Darwinist thinking in Muslim countries, “evolution is challenged by pupils who posit divine or creationist action without any argument for it.”

In some areas with large immigrant populations, many pupils shun school cafeterias for religious reasons, even though most offer alternative dishes when pork is on the menu.

Demand for halal menus is strong, even for the very young in public crèches,” it said. “In some cities, there are petitions for halal — and sometimes kosher — meals.”

The report stressed the state could allow alternatives to pork but could not allow halal or kosher meals because the price for ritually slaughtered meat included a tax paid to religious organisations that certify the food was properly prepared.

via Religious demands rise in French state schools – study | World | Reuters.

Don’t criticize us, while we can criticize others. Don’t let our children listen to other religions’ teners, just in case they convert to them. The Holocaust is a lie. Only white men had slaves, Muslims never. Etc. etc. etc.

This is not education: education has to be done on a free basis, searching for truth and being flexible, not trying to impose your own “beliefs” on others.


One comment on ““Islam not invasive”: Impositions rise in French public state schools

  1. […] they will have already a juvenile record..). But it’s interesting to note that there is an ongoing intolerance in France from Muslims to non-Muslims, something they don’t speak about when everything is blamed on “Islamophobia“. […]

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