Iranian Mullahcracy to “protect” women’s rights?

“Once the President has received the investment from the Supreme Leader, the holiness of the Supreme Leader is transferred to him as well, therefore people should obey the President as if they obey God.”

Iran, where a woman convicted of adultery has been sentenced to death by stoning, is likely to become a member of the board of the new UN agency to promote equality for women, prompting outrage from the US and human rights groups.

Some rights groups are also upset that Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive and are barred from many facilities used by men, is also vying to join the governing body of UN Women.

The General Assembly resolution adopted in July that merged four UN bodies dealing with women’s issues into a single agency with greater clout to represent half the world’s population calls for a 41-member executive board, with 35 members chosen by regional groups and six representing donor nations.

Mark Kornblau, spokesman for the US Mission, said Wednesday that Iran’s membership “would send the wrong signal at the start of this exciting new initiative.”

Iran to sit on UN women’s rights board? – Israel News, Ynetnews.

🙄 Oil, how much damage you have done

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