Iran: Jailed Human Rights lawyer on hunger strike, journalist imprisoned

Both are women who oppose the mullahcracy. And so, the first one, began a hunger strike for over three weeks, but since a fornight ago, there are no news about her.

No one has any word on the health of jailed Iranian human rights attorney Nasrine Sotoudeh, who began a hunger strike four weeks ago.She’s now been held in solitary confinement for more than 45 days, ever since her Sept. 4 arrest, and is said to be on hunger strike, according to her husband, Reza Khandan.

Khandan said the last time he spoke to his wife was in a brief phone conversation over two weeks ago. She told him she had begun a hunger strike 11 days earlier, on Sept. 25.

It lasted three seconds, because as soon as she mentioned the words ‘hunger strike’ and ‘threat’ her phone was cut off,” he said.

Sotoudeh is among the small cadre of lawyers dedicated to defending dissidents, minorities and women’s who’ve run afoul of Iran’s legal system. Earlier this year, she became enraged when one of her clients was executed without her knowledge.

Now she finds herself inside the very prison were many of her clients have been held, and her supporters are growing worried for the petite mother of two.

Since the beginning of her arrest she has been in solitary confinement,” Khandan said. “We have not managed to get permission to meet her or find some middlemen to convey the messages of those who want her to end her hunger strike.”

via IRAN: No word on jailed human rights lawyer nearly a month into hunger strike | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times.

And another one has been imprisoned and banned from journalism. She was a signatory of the One Million Signatures Campaign to end discriminatory laws against women in Iran.

An Iranian appellate court approved one year prison term and 30 years ban from journalism for Jila BaniYaghoub, prominent Iranian journalist and women’s rights activist.

Free-Journalists website reports that the preliminary sentence which was handed to BaniYaghoub for the charge of “propaganda against the regime” was confirmed by the Tehran appellate court.

…Jila Bani-Yaghoub was arrested last summer along with her husband, Bahman Ahmadi Amouyi, another journalist.

She was released after two months in prison on bail but her husband remains behind bars.

Bani-Yaghoub has collaborated with several prominent Iranian newspapers including Hamshahri, Khordad and Aftob-e Emrooz. She is also a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign to end discriminatory laws, and the 2009 recipient of Courage in Journalism award.

BaniYaghoub’s husband, Bahman Ahmadi Amouyi is currently serving a five-year sentence in Evin Prison.

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