Opinion: On French recent riots

the situation has worsened (since 2005). Approximately 700 “no-go zones” pepper France: enclaves ruled by gangs, drug traffickers and imams. Firefighters and doctors venture into these places rarely and only with extreme caution, when they have no other choice. Graffiti on the walls read: “French out!” or “jihad.”


Subjects like the Holocaust are no longer taught in many classrooms, and the word “Jew” has become an insult in many playgrounds. The burqa ban was passed, but will probably never be enforced. In a growing number of communities, young women without the Islamic veil risk assault or rape if they walk unaccompanied in the street.


France is a country in disintegration. A small minority of the population still lives comfortably in the more affluent neighborhoods, striving to maintain the property they purchased or inherited, while at the other end of the social spectrum, the ranks of those living in dire poverty are swelling fast. Fifteen percent of the population subsists exclusively on government welfare benefits. Unemployment has reached 25 percent among the 18 to 25 year old age group, while figures are far higher among segments of this group of Arab or African descent.


More than half the diplomas issued by higher education are worthless in the real world, offering no career path, no opportunity other than signing onto a long list of job seekers going nowhere. Many counter staff in fast food chains hold doctorates or masters’ degrees, yet prefer demeaning work to begging on the street. The French middle classes are disappearing and observe with anxiety the irrepressible growth of an underclass of immigrants increasingly marginalized and marinating in degrading frustration that’s highly conducive to all sorts of radicalization.


French education is in the hands of communists, socialists and greens who disseminate anti-capitalist doctrines and distorted views of history. The media echo these inept and fraudulent ideas, never offering a means to actually understand how the world works and the basic rules of economics. This encourages dangerously stupid and divisive slogans such as “The solution exists. The rich must pay,” to achieve wide support. More than twenty years ago, French jurisprudence was usurped by radical groups proclaiming that a criminal is primarily a victim of society, and that the duty of those who have more is to share with those who have less. Today, many French judges make rulings on ideological grounds, with little regard for the law.

via France\’s recent rioting and looting – Guy Millière – drzz .info.

A great perspective… 👿


3 comments on “Opinion: On French recent riots

  1. Angel says:

    Hi Claudia!..French education is in the hands of communists, socialists and greens who disseminate anti-capitalist doctrines and distorted views of history..and we wonder why they are heading toward disaster?

    • Claudia says:

      Hi Angel! The article is very good, it could also describe Spain. That part about “distorted views of history” is really accurate.

      we wonder why they are heading toward disaster?

      It seems that we all are.. 😥

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