Saudi Arabia: school girls warned against wearing “tight clothes”

Saudi Arabia has warned its school girls against wearing tight clothes on the grounds they are against school rules and Islamic tenets.

In a statement published in local newspapers on Monday, The Ministry of Education said it had noticed some female students at schools across the Gulf Kingdom were wearing tight dresses “that showed most body details.”

“All schools are asked not to allow female students to wear clothes that violate school rules and Islamic tradition, including those which are tight to the body, after we noticed some of them are wearing such clothes,” it said.

”The schoolgirl’s dress must be in line with Islamic tenets…it must not be transparent or sticking to the body in a way that will highlight her organs…there should not be any resemblance to the boy’s dress as our prophet (peace be upon him) had cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men.”

The Ministry asked headmistresses and other education officials in charge of girls schools to enforce the new rule and warned they would be subject to punitive measures in cause “such a phenomenon persists.”

via Saudi school girls warned against wearing \’tight clothes\’ – Emirates24|7.

This is what Wahabbism is trying to implement in other places, by funding mosques and “Islamic centers”. Very irritating.

We can’t forget the most infamous “incident” related to schoolgirls’ dress. In March 2002 a fire started in Mecca in a girls’ school. According to witnesses, the Muttawa (Islamic moral police or the “Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice“) beat back the girls who were trying to escape from the fire, because they weren’t covered by the veil and stopped men who were trying to save them. Fifteen girls were killed in the fire and more than 50 were injured. Inside the building there were 800 girls when the fire began.

So when these guys are speaking of “punishment”, they mean it. Just for “revealing your organs“. What morons. 🙄

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2 comments on “Saudi Arabia: school girls warned against wearing “tight clothes”

  1. eye2deal says:

    This is just another example of the war against women and girls and these events must be published and spoken about….let the world know what is going on…keep it rolling

    • Claudia says:

      Hello eye2deal.
      Exactly, I absolutely agree. It’s just mysogyny, pure and simple, and it needs to be called by its name.
      Of course, this is just a sign of the climate in Saudi Arabia, but there are Human Rights violations much more important than this one.

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