Hector Aleem’s trial for blasphemy: Mullahs gather outside of courtroom

As you probably know, Hector Aleem is being tried in Pakistan for blasphemy against Mohammed, Islam’s prophet. On October 21st and 25th, the days of the hearings, some Mullahs were assembled in the main entrance of the court at Rawalpindi to chant slogans calling for his death and against Christianity and to shout “Allah Akbar“. His family has made some videos from a mobile phone.

From the 21st hearing, you can go here to watch it.

From the 25th hearing:

Information on his case here,herehere and hereFree Hector Aleem on FB.

Pakistan: Bomb blast at Sufi shrine kills four

A bomb blast outside a Sufi shrine in Pakistan killed four people, including women, on Monday in the latest militant attack in a country at the forefront of the US-led war on Al-Qaeda.
Two men riding a motorbike left a milk container near the gate of the shrine in Pakpattan, 190 kilometres (120 miles) from the eastern Punjab provincial capital Lahore, which then exploded in a huge fireball, a witness said.
“We have four killed and about 12 wounded,” regional police chief Mohammad Kashif told reporters. “The rescue work is over. We’re now investigating.”
Sufi worshippers, who follow a mystical strain of Islam, have increasingly been the target of bloody attacks by Islamist militants in Pakistan.
The blast blew up a boundary wall and damaged several shops and stalls outside the shrine where the 12th century saint, Baba Farid, also known as Ganjshakar is buried, witnesses said.
Police said the mausoleum of Baba Farid was undamaged and that the blast took place near the eastern gate, which was closed for security reasons.

via AFP: Bomb blast at Pakistan shrine kills four.

The same that happens with the Ahmaddiyah Muslims.

Spain: conference on “Islamic feminism”

She was looking for religious grounds for her thesis on “the oppression of women in Islam ‘, but Marie Laure Rodriguez found no discriminatory passage in the Koran (sic). Moreover, she discovered a precursor text of gender equity. Forever a “feminist“, the Basque turned to Islam 28 years. Today, eight years later, she is the president of the Union of Muslim Women in Spain (Umme), which has organized in Madrid on Sunday the ‘4th International Congress of Islamic Feminism”.

I’m more feminist since I converted to Islam, because my religion allows me to be a liberated woman,” says Marie Laure categorically that defines Islamic feminism as a movement seeking the liberation of Muslim women within Islam.

The first Muslims to be called ‘feminist‘ were writers and intellectuals of the Maghreb in the 70’s. Formed in European universities, they discovered that they had nothing to do with the secular feminism emerging in the West. Their struggle (jihad in Arabic) was different and they wanted to support the struggle for equality in the teachings of Muhammad. At the same time a partnership was born in Malaysia under the name “Sisters in Islam“, a pioneer in the struggle to liberate women from the yoke of political power that subjected them in the name of religion.

Women stoned by relatives, burned by spurned husbands, cliterydectomy and the burqa aren’t examples of the empowerment of women but a reality in certain Muslim countries. Also they amount for “100% of the information on women in the media.” Feminists say that none of these aberrations is justified by Islam. “Interpretations are the result of misguided policies and concerned to perpetuate women’s control over the ‘sharia’ (the code governing morality and private behavior of Muslims,” says Zahira Kamal, former Minister of Women in Palestine.

These feminist groups, who base their fight on the right to education of women and their access to government, have resulted in little changes in the Muslim world. They quote reforms by Moroccan Mohamed VI-first monarch to ask a woman to decide, on a Friday of Ramadan, the sermon in a mosque and who by law reserved 10% seats in parliament for women-, or changes in civil law Palestine, as the age of marriage and the repeal of the figure of the ‘guardian’ of women. But the roots of patriarchy and the rise of fundamentalism in countries like Iran and Afghanistan pose a serious setback for the fight. Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: school girls warned against wearing “tight clothes”

Saudi Arabia has warned its school girls against wearing tight clothes on the grounds they are against school rules and Islamic tenets.

In a statement published in local newspapers on Monday, The Ministry of Education said it had noticed some female students at schools across the Gulf Kingdom were wearing tight dresses “that showed most body details.”

“All schools are asked not to allow female students to wear clothes that violate school rules and Islamic tradition, including those which are tight to the body, after we noticed some of them are wearing such clothes,” it said.

”The schoolgirl’s dress must be in line with Islamic tenets…it must not be transparent or sticking to the body in a way that will highlight her organs…there should not be any resemblance to the boy’s dress as our prophet (peace be upon him) had cursed men who imitate women and women who imitate men.”

The Ministry asked headmistresses and other education officials in charge of girls schools to enforce the new rule and warned they would be subject to punitive measures in cause “such a phenomenon persists.”

via Saudi school girls warned against wearing \’tight clothes\’ – Emirates24|7.

This is what Wahabbism is trying to implement in other places, by funding mosques and “Islamic centers”. Very irritating.

We can’t forget the most infamous “incident” related to schoolgirls’ dress. In March 2002 a fire started in Mecca in a girls’ school. According to witnesses, the Muttawa (Islamic moral police or the “Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice“) beat back the girls who were trying to escape from the fire, because they weren’t covered by the veil and stopped men who were trying to save them. Fifteen girls were killed in the fire and more than 50 were injured. Inside the building there were 800 girls when the fire began.

So when these guys are speaking of “punishment”, they mean it. Just for “revealing your organs“. What morons. 🙄

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Report: Iran pays top Afghan Karzai aid, Karzai admits it

One evening last August, as President Hamid Karzai wrapped up an official visit to Iran, his personal plane sat on the airport tarmac, waiting for a late-running passenger: Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan.

The ambassador, Feda Hussein Maliki, finally appeared, taking a seat next to Umar Daudzai, Mr. Karzai’s chief of staff and his most trusted confidant. According to an Afghan official on the plane, Mr. Maliki handed Mr. Daudzai a large plastic bag bulging with packets of euro bills. A second Afghan official confirmed that Mr. Daudzai carried home a large bag of cash.

“This is the Iranian money,” said an Afghan official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Many of us noticed this.”

The bag of money is part of a secret, steady stream of Iranian cash intended to buy the loyalty of Mr. Daudzai and promote Iran’s interests in the presidential palace, according to Afghan and Western officials here. Iran uses its influence to help drive a wedge between the Afghans and their American and NATO benefactors, they say.

The payments, which officials say total millions of dollars, form an off-the-books fund that Mr. Daudzai and Mr. Karzai have used to pay Afghan lawmakers, tribal elders and even Taliban commanders to secure their loyalty, the officials said.

via Iran Is Said to Give Top Karzai Aide Cash by the Bagful – NYTimes.com.

Yesterday, Karzai actually said that they are “very grateful to Iran” and that everyone knew that they were receiving that money. Before that statement the Iranian embassy in Kabul have denied those claims. Liars. 😈

South Korea: Taliban gaining foothold in the country, report says

Who would have thought this could be true:

The South Korean intelligence fears that Taliban members might be working secretly in the country, a local media reported on Friday.Intelligence officials, in collaboration with the Interpol, recently seized a vessel that was carrying strategic weapons to Palestine, Seoul Newspaper said.

The Taliban militants might have targeted South Korea due to its somewhat slack control on strategic weapons, it added.

via Taliban gaining foothold in South Korea: Report.

According to Concepts and Strategies, a man who was arrested when entering the country, said, during an interrogation that he was there to bomb US bases. But the problem is that the man had been entering 17 times during 5 years with a fake passport! They ask some pertinent questions, like if North Korea helped him in any stage of his endeavours.

Iran: Govt forbids universities from offering ‘Western’ subjects

“Expansion of 12 disciplines in the social sciences like law, women’s studies, human rights, management, sociology, philosophy….psychology and political sciences will be reviewed,” said Abolfazl Hassani, from the education ministry.

“These sciences’ contents are based on Western culture. The review will be the intention of making them compatible with Islamic teachings.”

Mr Hassani said Iranian universities will not be allowed to open new departments in these disciplines and the curricula for existing departments would be revised.
Iran’s hard-line rulers accuse the West of trying to harm the Islamic state by influencing the country’s young generation with “decadent” culture.

Pointing to the enrolment of some two million out of a total of 3.5 million university students in the humanities, Iran’s most powerful figure Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called in August for modification of these studies.

“Many disciplines in the humanities are based on principles founded on materialism disbelieving the divine Islamic teachings,” Mr Khamenei said.

“Thus such teachings will lead to the dissemination of doubt in the foundations of religious teachings.”

Access to the internet and illegal satellite television mean Western popular culture is king among young Iranians, a vital constituency in a country where 70 per cent of the population is under 30 and has no real memory of the 1979 Islamic revolution which toppled the US-backed Shah.

via Iran to forbid universities from offering ‘Western’ subjects – Telegraph.

It seems Iranian Govt doesn’t know anything besides “forbidding”. 👿

Iran: Bolivian President Evo Morales on trade visit to “boost trade ties”

And, not surprisingly, after Chávez’s, Evo Morales also visits Iran:

Bolivian President Evo Morales planned talks Monday in Tehran with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to boost trade ties, state media reported.
Morales, who arrived on Sunday night, is to discuss an earlier agreement on projects worth 1.1 billion dollars over the next five years, and another 287-million-dollar investment by Iran in Bolivia.
Morales’ second visit to Iran in two years was scheduled to last three days, the news network Press TV reported.
Iran plans to invest in Bolivia’s industrial, agricultural and housing sectors, including a cement factory built with Iranian and Venezuelan financial aid.
President Ahmadinejad has in recent years boosted Iran’s relations with leftist Latin American administrations in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

via Bolivian President Evo Morales on trade visit to Iran | Earth Times News.

Bolivia-Iran relations: “I fund your hospital, your nurses don the hijab”.