Opinion: Is Sarkozy ready to declare multiculturalism dead?

Is Nicolas Sarkozy ready to repeat the words of Angela Merkel on Saturday in front of the young Christian Democrats? The finding of a failure of multicultural system, according to the the Chancellor, is identical to that observed in France and throughout Europe and described in this blog regularly. “Multiculturalism has failed, absolutely failed,” Merkel agreed, driven by a view that is in the process of radicalization vis-à-vis immigration and especially of Islam. “We feel bound to Christian values. Whoever does not accept that has no place here,” she said. “We do not need an immigration burden on our social system,” she said, finding that training for the unemployed should take precedence over the recruitment of immigrant workers. She nevertheless considers it necessary to skilled immigration, adding that “Islam is part of Germany.”

This German turning point, which formalizes the endangerment of Western identity through the pursuit of immigration settlement values colliding in host countries, is a declaration of war on political correctness and anti-racist ideology, which hammer that new crops can coexist in the same space, without allegiance to the host country and its codes. But this is not true and it is fortunate that a great European leader recognizes it finally pressed by the evidence. There is more that sociologists and other followers of differentialism who refuse to see the fractures that weaken the identity open democracies. Multiculturalism, far from being an addition of wealth, is experienced as a loss of national cohesion and as a growing source of ethnic and religious tensions.

However, the Elysee continues to hold an ambiguous discourse on multiculturalism, even if Sarkozy has suggested limits by paying tribute with his visit to Benedict XVI, to the Christian roots of France (see my last note). Indeed, the constant referencesw to the official France as a mixed country, diverse or immigrant, which are used by the power itself, are all methods for valuing minority cultures and to waive, on behalf of non-discrimination and respect for the other, the elementary path of integration. Sarkozy, who took Germany as an example of its tax system or its dynamic economy, would do well to follow it also in its analysis of the failure of interbreeding, that forgers are working to deny. Will he dare?

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NOTE: The anti-racist ideology consists in pointing out all real and supposed racist attacks by Western people, but without even mentioning those who are made by non-Western people on that same Western people. So, it’s just going against all criticism made from a Western point of view of other cultures and mores, even if it’s actually accurate, but supporting, at the same time, all non-Western bigots, racists and morons. This is why the acknowledge by Mrs. Merkel of the multiculturalism’s failure means also the beginning of the end to that false anti-racism.

(Translated by T&P).


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