Iran: Multiple Reports of Secret Group Executions in Vakilabad Prison

Iran’s Judiciary should immediately institute a moratorium on all executions at Vakilabad Prison in Mashad and provide a transparent response to allegations of excessive numbers of executions at the facility, said the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran today.

The Campaign continues to receive credible reports from former Vakilabad prisoners about repeated, unannounced group executions of inmates. Reliable sources indicate that numerous executions have taken place inside Vakilabad over the last year and more than 600 inmates remain on death row.

Authorities reportedly executed ten inmates in Vakilabad as recently as Tuesday, 12 October. The numbers of executions publicly announced by the authorities are considerably lower than the actual numbers. Amnesty International reports that at least 388 executions took place in Iran in 2009.

“These reports of Mashad executions indicate that Iran is executing even more people–dramatically more– than now estimated,” said Aaron Rhodes, a spokesperson for the Campaign.

“Especially given the Iranian government’s lack of transparency concerning executions, the Judiciary needs to provide a full account of what is happening inside Vakilabad’s death row,” he added.


Nonetheless, despite this or other facts coming from Iran lately, like chopping robbers’ hands, arresting or expelling journalists who don’t agree with their sick theology, jailing filmmakers, bloggers and Human Rights activists and sentencing Muslims who convert to other religion to death, they are going to sponsor a conference about “Human Rights in the US“. 😯

Certainly, they are not the more appropriate people to speak about any other country’s record of Human Rights. Anyway, would they dare to speak about Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Sudan’s Human Rights? I guess not.

The reason is clear: condemning US while Iranian record of Human Rights’abuses increases every day.


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