Iran: Robber has his hand chopped after “allegedly committing 4 robberies”

An Iranian man convicted of theft had his hand chopped off in front of other prisoners in the Yazd province central prison, Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency reported Sunday.

The sentence was carried out against 32-year-old “M“, whose full name was not revealed, after allegedly committing four robberies.

It is not clear whether this man is the same man dubbed the “chocolate thief” by some media outlets after he was sentenced to lose his hand for robbing a sweets shop. The punishment of hand amputation, while uncommon, is not unheard of, and has already been carried out at least once this year.

The sentence is usually given to repeat offenders. M’s sentence was upheld by the state supreme court after the judiciary’s amnesty committee rejected his appeal. News reports said the punishment was carried out in accordance with Iran’s strict interpretation of Islamic law.

via IRAN: Man convicted of theft loses hand | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times.


7 comments on “Iran: Robber has his hand chopped after “allegedly committing 4 robberies”

  1. Bob Mack says:

    Here’s some more of that “benign jurisprudence” in action. Although philosophically speaking, there’s lots of folks (particularly among our domestic Progressives) possessed of appendages I wouldn’t mind seeing lopped off–especially the ones they stuff their hats onto–this is the kind of thing that thankfully went out of vogue with the Iron Maiden. Makes me feel all “radiant” when I think about regimes like this getting their hands on nukes.

    • Claudia says:

      I think the problem as ever is not mainly on Islamic/Islamist radicals/extremers (or however you want to call them), but on the idiocy of some Westerners and leaders who think that appeasing them is the better tactic. This is brutal, absolutely brutal.
      But while they have a terrible record on Human Rights they are sponsoring a conference on “Human Rights in the US”:

      According to Tehran Times, “the conference will be attended by officials, pundits, and academics from Iran and foreign countries.” Tehran Times reported that “another conference is also scheduled to be held in the United Nations to review the status of human rights in the US.” The Tehran conference on Human Rights in the US,” sponsored by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, takes place in Tehran while Iranian authorities have consistently regarded the issue of human rights in Iran as a “domestic issue,” considering other countries’ statements about violations of human rights in Iran as interference in Iran’s domestic affairs.

      Some idiots (I’m thinking Oliver Stone or Sean Penn, for example) will support the initiative, without taking into account that they have been able to develop their work freely precisely because they weren’t in a theocracy like Iran 🙄

      Makes me feel all “radiant” when I think about regimes like this getting their hands on nukes.

      Yep. It makes me feel the same. The only way countries are refrained from using nuclear weapons is the bad publicity in Human Rights’ terms (and brutality). But these regimes, who have so much disrespect from criticism, would use them if it suits their needs. Just consider Iran-Iraqi war. 😦

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  3. MFS says:

    Hi Claudia.
    When i read the story this morning a frightening thought came to has been silent for a while on the faith of the woman bound to be stoned in Iran,The fact that suddenly 2 such cases of Shopping of hands happening in one moth time (After hardly none in years) makes me wonder if this is a platform to jump to the next “Stage” saying we’ve used and applied Sharia law in the past.

    • Claudia says:

      Well, MFS, the question for me is “do they need a precedent“? Because I sincerely don’t think the Ayatollahs need one at all. 👿

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