Afghanistan: Taliban use children to prepare their weapons, carry ammunition and as spies

This is nothing new, I’m afraid, but it is not mentioned enough:

The Taliban are using children to prepare their weapons, carrying their ammunition in the battlefield, and also and primarily as spies, according to research by Britain’s Sky News and released Thursday.(…)

The television found on the ground in Helmand, where is deployed the bulk of the British contingent in Afghanistan, how children are studying the tactics of clearance of foreign forces and then pass the information on the methods used by the insurgent group, which turn adapted their bombs to avoid detection and cause a larger number of casualties.

Also, children are the ones who are reporting on troop movements and patrols to the Taliban to carry out attacks with maximum impact.

This was the same TV program in which a Taliban leader said UK Muslim brothers were funding them.


2 comments on “Afghanistan: Taliban use children to prepare their weapons, carry ammunition and as spies

  1. Taliban can do anything beyond the imagination of a normal humans. Still there are ppl suggesting negotiation with such wilds and offers sharing of power in Afghanistan. One get puzzled to understand despite the well known understanding of wild attitude and characteristics, why certain elements adamant to negotiate /share power with rotten brains putting the innocent ppl of Afghanistan under threat /danger to life & livelihood. Is it the only solution to the Afghanistan after 9 years of war/destruction, if so than concerned shall be asked /questioned publically, than what was the need/ circumstances/compelling factor to impose war or attack these brainless wilds in 2001 after 9/11, if solution was the same. or Was the attack by big power a show of force/firepower supremacy/ advertisement of sophisticated wpn sys and its testing impact on common Afghans or to fulfilling some specific interests for which so many US soldiers lives were sacrificed, well I say a very unrealistic strategy (War on terror)was adopted and implemented / re-enforced and those responsible was /were/is cowered, cc girls and unbalanced minded authority.

    • Claudia says:

      Hello, Muhammad. I am shocked as you about the “negotiation” with the Taliban. I believe it’s a great error, just as any other terrorist-Govt negotiation, because the terrorists have nothing to lose while the Govt has a lot, including the possible coexistence in power with the terrorists, something that is not very promising for past, present and future victims. These talks are not only bad news for Afghan people (of course), but also for the rest: we know what they did once (give shelter to Al-Qaeda) so it’s probable they are going to do that again…

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