Tunisia: Black singer will tackle racism in his autobiography

Tunisian singer Salah Misbah said he suffers from discrimination in his country because of his dark skin color and announced his plans to tackle the issue of racism in his upcoming autobiography.

Scripts written for Tunisian cinema and T.V. hardly have place for dark-skinned characters and actors, Salah Misbah told a Tunisian radio station.

…Misbah said he intended to tackle the issue of racial discrimination in his autobiography which he will call “No brother, no friend… not as Arabs, not as Muslims.”

Misbah, who was once sentenced to jail for assaulting an officer in the Tunisian army, said he is constantly harassed for his skin color and extremely improper racial slurs are hurled at him, the most common of which is calling him “a dirty slave.

Racial discrimination does not stop at street harassment, but also extends to the entertainment industry in Tunisia.”

Misbah recounted a story when he held a part at his house to celebrate the release of his second album and one of the journalists recommended that he changes his skin color like Michael Jackson.

He said that this is how I can guarantee having fans in the Arab world.”



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