Canada: Bill to restrict niqab scrutinized in Quebec

Bill to restrict niqab scrutinized:

“A National Assembly committee analyzing Bill 94, which would make it illegal for Islamic women to wear the niqab in government offices, schools and hospitals, resumes sitting Tuesday. The hearing will hear from experts on the topic.

Quebec Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier has said the bill is “balanced.” But the Parti Quebecois has called for a ban on all ostentatious religious signs, including the hijab Islamic head covering, in the public sector and finds Bill 94 too meek. Islamic groups say Bill 94 singles them out and is discriminatory.”

2 comments on “Canada: Bill to restrict niqab scrutinized in Quebec

  1. in other hands, the singhs like to ride motorcycle without a helmet and when the cops stop them then hundred and sometimes thousand make a lot noise in the greater toronto area.

    • Claudia says:

      Of course, Laz. The polemic over burqa/niqab ban fuels other social groups to do the same: call everyone a racist, for instance, if you dare to question any of their mores, even if in the case you mention it’s a question of basic security.

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