Germany: President Wulff urges Turks to ‘actively integrate’ in Germany in his visit to Turkey

Christian Wulff

President Wulff urges Turks to ‘actively integrate’ in Germany | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 19.10.2010:

“In his speech, Wulff stressed immigrants need not give up their cultural identity or background. But those living in Germany should respect and protect the values of the German constitution, including freedom of speech, equality and the right to a religiously and ideologically neutral state.

Those who wish to live in Germany must follow these rules and accept our way of life,’ he said.

Wulff also touched on the subject of religion, calling on Turkey and other Islamic countries to be more open to Christianity. ‘We expect Christians in Muslim countries to have the same right to live their faith publicly, to educate their youth in theology and build churches [as Muslims do in Germany],’ he said.

Without a doubt, Christianity belongs to Turkey,’ he said, recalling his Unity Day speech from earlier in October, in which he stated that Islam had become part of Germany.”

Has he actually considered what Minister Faruk Çelik said only two days ago?

Germany: 69% against Turkish entry in the EU, poll shows.
CDU politician calls to stop Muslim immigration.
“Muslims should obey Constitution, not Sharia”, Merkel says.
Conservative leaders reject Wullf’s remarks on Islam.
Germany agrees in making easier for Turks to get visas.
President Wulff will visit Turkey on Monday, while Merkel criticizes multiculturalism.

US: Police label shots at Pentagon as a ‘random event’

Police label shots at Pentagon as a ‘random event’ – Yahoo! News:

“Someone fired shots at the Pentagon early Tuesday in what security officials described as ‘a random event.’ No one was injured in the pre-dawn incident in which shots were fired into two windows at the sprawling Defense Department just across the Potomac River in suburban Virginia.

Steven Calvery, director of the civilian Pentagon Force Protection Agency, told reporters that a number of his officers reported hearing five to seven shots fired at about 4:55 a.m. EDT near the south parking lot of the Pentagon. The Pentagon building and the roads leading it were briefly shut down as officers did an initial sweep of the area.”

Canada: Bill to restrict niqab scrutinized in Quebec

Bill to restrict niqab scrutinized:

“A National Assembly committee analyzing Bill 94, which would make it illegal for Islamic women to wear the niqab in government offices, schools and hospitals, resumes sitting Tuesday. The hearing will hear from experts on the topic.

Quebec Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier has said the bill is “balanced.” But the Parti Quebecois has called for a ban on all ostentatious religious signs, including the hijab Islamic head covering, in the public sector and finds Bill 94 too meek. Islamic groups say Bill 94 singles them out and is discriminatory.”

UK: Saudi terror-linked fund sponsors the BBC

The Islamic Development Bank was set up in the 1973 by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, a major special-interest group composed of 57 Muslim-majority countries (it is in fact the second-largest international organisation in the world after the UN), which, despite its stated aim of ‘promoting Islamic values’ seems to do little other than make repeated attempts to ban criticism of Islam via its placemen on the UN Human Rights Council. (My Note: perhaps that’s their way of promoting Islamic values…).

The bank itself helps spread hardline Saudi Wahabbism, funding worldwide mosque-building and Da’wah, the proselytism of Islam. For a more detailed explanation of this work, see the testimony submitted in 2003 to a US Senate Committee here (this reveals evidence relevant to the United States, but the bank funds the promotion of hardline Islam worldwide).

Among many other activities, the bank controls two funds set up at an Arab summit in Cairo, in October 2000 – the Al-Quds Fund and the Al-Aqsa Fund. Between them worth hundreds of millions of dollars, these funds openly finance the ‘Palestinian Intifada’. It is also linked with the channeling of UN funds to Hamas.

Stated aims of the fund include the provision of assistance to the widows and families left behind by ‘martyrs’; and the furtherance of the ‘reststance’ against Israel.

Source (more information and commentary).

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Anglican Church: Williams on burqa ban, secularism and Europe

Rowan Williams

Episcopal Life Online – WORLD REPORT:

“Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has deplored attempts by governments in Europe to prohibit Muslim women from publicly wearing the burqa, a garment that covers the entire body.

Governments should have better things to do than ban the burqa,’ Williams, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, told an interfaith meeting organized by the National Council of Churches in India at its headquarters in Nagpur, during a visit to India.

…”I believe that the state ought not to be addressing issues like these. Instead, it should leave such concerns to the religious communities,” stated Williams at the Oct. 14 meeting in Nagpur. He described the French ban as “a sign of being overanxious.”

More than 100 church leaders, led by the NCCI’s president, Methodist Bishop Taranath Sagar, and Bishop Purely Lyngdoh, moderator of the Church of North India, attended the meeting alongside Muslims and Sikhs, and members of the Hindu community.

We are glad that the archbishop spoke out clearly on the burqa controversy. He is very objective and respects other faiths,” A. Majid Parekh, a Muslim leader in Nagpur, told ENInews after listening to the Anglican leader.

Williams told ENInews that the controversy generated by bans on the burqa, the Sikh turban and the Christian cross in some European countries, “shows the extension of secularism too far. This ought to be resisted. The communities should have the right to decide on such issues.” Williams said he had protested when a British Airways employee was told she should not wear her necklace cross visibly while at work.

He told the meeting that attacks against migrants in Europe were not the result of Christian prejudice against non-Christians but a “crude nationalist prejudice against migrants and outsiders.”

On the link between religions and terrorism, the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion said that terrorism is a product of “bad” religion. “The positive affirmation of faith in God and respect for one another is the solution for it,” he stated.”

Commentary: Geert Wilders and the Rise of Islamic correctness

Geert Wilders

American Thinker: Geert Wilders and the Rise of Islamic Correctness:

“At present, overwhelming Muslim majorities — i.e., better than two-thirds (see the weighted average calculated here) of a well-conducted survey of the world’s most significant and populous Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries — want these immoderate outcomes: ‘strict application’ of Shari’a, Islamic Law, and a global Caliphate. Specifically, the World Public University of Maryland poll (released February 25, 2009) indicated the following about our putative Muslim ally nations of Egypt and Pakistan: 81% of the Muslims of ‘moderate‘ Egypt, the largest Arab Muslim nation, desire a ‘strict‘ application of Shari’a, Islamic Law; 76% of the Pakistan’s Muslims — one of the most important and sizable non-Arab Muslim populations — also want this outcome. Furthermore, 70% of Egyptian Muslims and 69% of Pakistani Muslims desire the recreation of a ‘single Islamic state or Caliphate.’ Elsewhere, I have detailed the totalitarian impact of these fulfilled Islamic desires based upon their doctrinal and historical application, across space and time. 

And these concrete data validate eminent Western scholarly appraisals of Islamic despotism, or in modern parlance, totalitarianism

Most importantly, our uninformed chattering classes across the political spectrum need to know that their eminence grise on Islamic civilization, Professor Bernard Lewis, and outspoken Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders have a shared understanding of totalitarian Islam. Ironically, Wilders has been demonized — and is currently being prosecuted — for expressing views identical to those the Western sage of Islam Lewis put forth in a 1954 essay.

Over a half century later, during his keynote address to the first Conference of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa in April 2008, Professor Lewis warned of the ominous limits on scholarly analysis of Islam imposed by political correctness and multiculturalism:

The degree of thought control, of limitations on freedom of speech and expression is without parallel in the Western world since the eighteenth century and in some cases longer than that…It seems to me it’s a very dangerous situation, because it makes any kind of scholarly discussion of Islam, to say the least, dangerous. Islam and Islamic values now have a level of immunity from comment and criticism in the Western world that Christianity has lost and Judaism has never had.”

New Dutch Government agrees to ban burqa, cut deficit.

US: Nidal Hassan, portraited by AQ as a terrorism star

Fort Hood shooting: Al Qaeda now portrays Nidal Hasan as terrorism star –

Nidal Hassan

Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups … are hailing Hasan, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent, as a hero worthy of emulation. Though the Nov. 5 shooting was not on the scale of a 9/11-style attack, it served the same purpose: to terrify “the Crusader West” and shake America off kilter, according to an Al Qaeda spokesman.

Hasan has become almost everything they’ve been hoping … he’s legendary now within their movement,” says Jarret Brachman, an expert on international terrorist groups and author of “Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice.”

Nidal Hassan – Al-Awlaki

Hasan’s ties to US-born Muslim cleric and terrorist recruiter Anwar Al-Awlaki have given rise to the theory that Hasan carried out the first international terrorist attack against America since 9/11.

In the months after the shooting, Al Qaeda doubted that line of reasoning, because a minor online essay about martyrdom was all that could be linked to Hasan. More recently, however, the international jihadist group has sought to portray Hasan as a terrorist “trailblazer” who conducted a “historic and trend-setting” operation, though some say Al Qaeda’s embrace of the Fort Hood incident indicates that it is now willing to settle for inflicting damage that, while deadly, is much less spectacular than a 9/11-style attack.

Civilian nurse testifies that Mj. Nidal Hassan was “very deliberate”.
Testimony ends for day in Fort Hood gunman hearing

Indonesia: Graphic video of police torture surfaces

Graphic video of alleged torture by Indonesian forces | Asia | Deutsche Welle | 19.10.2010:

“The video is in two parts, a representative of the group told the Reuters news agency by phone. The first part shows military officers in uniform hitting and kicking some villagers in an effort to get the names of separatists. The second part shows two people being tortured, one with a knife at his neck, while in another scene, an interrogator apparently tries to burn the other man’s penis with a burning stick. – The Associated Press news agency reports that the body of one of the victims was reportedly found near a river soon after the torture. The other victim had not been traced.

Police in Papua have questioned the authenticity of the video, while the Indonesian military chief, Agus Suhartono, said that the military would conduct an investigation. The military maintains a strong presence in Papua. The Papua police force is known to torture and abuse detainees. Similar allegations against the Indonesian police in the eastern province of Maluku were raised by the Australian media last month. Kopassus, the Indonesian special forces unit, is alleged to be responsible for the worst abuses. US-based Human Rights Watch has reported indiscriminate sweeps by Indonesian forces in West Papua.”

UK: Saudi prince guilty of murdering servant in London hotel

Saudi prince guilty of murdering servant in London hotel – Telegraph:

Saud was found guilty at the Old Bailey of murdering Bandar Abdulaziz in a ‘brutal’ assault at their five-star hotel suite.

Mr Abdulaziz

The prince was fuelled by champagne and ‘sex on the beach’ cocktails when he bit the 32-year-old hard on both cheeks during the attack in February.

They had just returned from a Valentine’s Day night out when Saud launched the ferocious assault.

When he was arrested he at first wrongly believed he had diplomatic immunity but his special status as a Saudi royal could not save him from British justice.

The 34-year-old, a member of one of the world’s richest and most powerful dynasties, was found guilty of murder today by the jury after just one hour and 35 minutes of deliberation.

Saud showed no reaction as the decision was announced.

The verdict means a lengthy jail term for the prince and the end to his luxury playboy lifestyle, funded by his wealthy family, in which he dined in fine restaurants and secretly entertained gay escorts in his plush hotel room.

In court his lawyers tried to cover up evidence of his homosexuality.

If he ever returns to his home country he faces the possibility of execution – not because of the killing but because being homosexual is a capital offence there.

The murder of Mr Abdulaziz was the final act in a “deeply abusive” master-servant relationship in which the prince carried out frequent attacks on his aide “for his own personal gratification”.

Jurors heard that by the early hours of February 15, Mr Abdulaziz was left so worn down and injured – having suffered a “cauliflower” ear and swollen eye from previous assaults – that he simply let Saud kill him without a fight.

…The prince also claimed he was heterosexual and had a girlfriend in Saudi Arabia, but he had booked appointments with at least two male escorts and one gay masseur, and looked at hundreds of images of men on gay websites. “

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Germany: Eight islamists indicted for supporting terrorism abroad

Germany indicts eight Islamists for supporting terrorism abroad – Monsters and Critics

Federal prosecutors in Germany said on Tuesday that they have indicted eight people for supporting foreign terrorism and being members of a criminal organisations.

The eight – seven men and one woman aged between 17 and 30 – are accused of supporting al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam, through their membership of the German chapter of the so-called Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF).

All but the 17-year-old, who is Turkish, are German citizens.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the suspects, all of whom remain at large in Germany, a spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said.

A statement released by the office said that the GIMF was a ‘militant Islamist organisation that had the goal of supporting the global jihad through the internet.’

Germany: arrested man confesses in court to terrorism charges.
Afghanistan: 8 German killed while receiving terrorist training.
Kenya: German linked to terrorism alarms authorities.
Germany: Islamists aim to infiltrate Hamburg mosques

US: Imam, wife accused of marriage fraud

Arlington imam, wife accused of marriage fraud | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Breaking News for Dallas-Fort Worth | Dallas Morning News

Ibrahim Dremali
A prominent Islamic scholar who has battled accusations of extremist beliefs has been arrested along with his wife on federal charges that they married other people to get U.S. citizenship.
Ibrahim Abdelrahman Dremali and Safaa Rashad Eissa were arrested by immigration agents, Arlington police and the FBI on Oct. 6 on a warrant out of Des Moines , Iowa . They were released on their own recognizance after appearing before a federal judge in Fort Worth the same day.
They are scheduled to enter pleas Nov. 12 in Iowa on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, which can carry a five-year sentence, and procurement of citizenship or naturalization unlawfully, which can result in 10 to 25 years in prison.
Dremali, who earned degrees in geology and Islamic law in Cairo , immigrated to the U.S. in 1989 and has served as an imam, or Muslim spiritual leader, in south Florida, Iowa and Austin and worked at Islamic schools.
… Reached by phone this past week in Arlington, Dremali said he was too sick to talk. He was originally supposed to report to court Wednesday in Des Moines. His attorney, Alfredo Parrish, sought a delay because doctors treating Dremali, who has hepatitis C and is awaiting a liver transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, said he cannot travel.
Parrish declined to talk about the marriage fraud allegations or accusations that his client is an extremist. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to comment on what’s taken place in the past,” he said.
He also declined to elaborate on meetings he has had with federal prosecutors in Manhattan about Dremali and whether they result in additional charges.

Related:Islamic Center of Boca Ratón @ Investigative Project on Terrorism. Among other things:

The ICBR co-sponsored an October 2000 rally during which Hezbollah flags were present and participants chanted, “with jihad we’ll claim our land, Zionist blood will wet the sand.”[2] According to an Islam Online account, during the rally Dremali “urged the crowd not to be sad for those who were martyred and not to be afraid to die for what they believe in.” [3] Following this, the crowd joined in a mock funeral procession chanting, “Haya ‘ala al-jihad (live for the jihad).” [4]