Turkey: Senior Minister calls Christian "Kuffar"

Members of the Christian community in Turkey have called on State Minister Faruk Çelik to make an apology over his remarks which they said had insulted their religion.

Faruk Çelik

The minister has scorned Christians just to suppress rightful demands of the Alevis in Turkey,” Yuhannas Aktas, head of the Syriac Culture Association in Midyat, who was referring to Çelik’s labelling of Christianity as the religion of the ‘gavur’ (‘kafir’), a word meaning “infidel” in Turkish, which is often regarded as a degrading expression by non-Muslims.

Maybe you’re still a little unsure of what Turkish ruling élites really think of us infidels, after the smear campaign to delegitimise Israel, currently being waged by Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdoğan and President Gül?

Or unswayed after hearing that they had recently set up the headquarters of Turkey’s EU Membership bid campaign in a church confiscated from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate?

Somewhat on the fence after seeing the substantial (and growing) evidence of systematic persecution and harassment of Christians in Turkey?

Well now you can relax. Minister of Work and Social Security Çelik has just made it abundantly clear for you.


I’m delighted with the Alliance of Civilizations. It means that Mr. Zapatero can say to the Arab League that “Islam is a pacific and tolerant element of identity” and someone from the same Alliance calls Christians kuffar. What was tolerance then?

Spain: Moroccan women and two sons, killed by father

The bodies of two children found dead yesterday in an apartment in Tarragona next to his mother were found buried in the bathtub, under the woman’s body, sources have informed research.

Was this an honor killing?

The Police found the dead Sunday night in his home a woman, 26, of North African origin, and their two children, ages 2 and 6 years in the maritime district of Tarragona, and is looking for her husband, who had a restraining order, as the main suspect in the triple murder.

The woman’s body appeared about 20 hours ago, while the children’s bodies were found three hours later and under his mother, covered with cement and plaster, and in an advanced state of decomposition.

These sources indicate that the suspect committed the triple murder on Monday night, and hen the suspect fled, possibly to Morocco, where they had come from.

According to the data from the autopsy, the woman was beheaded with a knife, as the eldest daughter, while this hypothesis still has to be confirmed in the case of two-year-old child, whose post-mortem exam is scheduled for today.

Neighbors were in on Sunday afternoon and alerted the Fire Department of the Autonomous Community of a strong smell coming out of the building, located in the first floor of the number 9 from the street Reial de Tarragona.

The investigation, on which was ordered afterwards, has focused on the husband, Abdslam of “thirty-odd years,” according to its neighbors, against whom the judge had issued a restraining order last fall fordomestic abuse.

Abdslam had been admitted and treated at the Pere Mata de Reus for psychiatric problems and, last December, the victim asked for the repeal of the restraining order. Although the request was denied by the judge, both returned to live since then.

In addition, Abdslam had three previous convictions for domestic violence and escape from prison, the officials said.

Moreover, the city of Tarragona has decreed that today is the day of official mourning to express the condolences and the condemnation of this triple murder, and therefore the City Hall flags will fly all day at half mast.


Other cases in recent weeks:
Spain: Moroccan man kills sister, tries to hide it by calling emergencies.
Spain: 27-year-old Moroccan arrested for having his wife confined at home for 2 years.

Netherlands: "Don’t be anti-Islam or else…" Taliban tell new Govt

A senior Afghan Taliban official has warned of an attack against the Netherlands if its new government implements the agenda of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, the Volkskrant daily reported Monday.

If the Netherlands maintains or intensifies its anti-Islam policy, it is certain that the Netherlands will be the target of an attack by a jihadist group,” Zabiullah Mujahed, a long-time Taliban spokesman, is quoted as having told the newspaper. 

If he (Wilders) succeeds in manipulating the Dutch parliament to pass more anti-Islamic legislation … there is no doubt that Muslims from other countries will take action to help their Muslim brothers and sisters,” Mujahed said.

He added that the Taliban was “very careful in its relations with the Netherlands” because “it was the first country that decided to stop the occupation of our country

Source (found)

Canada: On the need to tackle Islamist influence inside prisons

Getting ahead of prison radicalization – The Globe and Mail

More Canadians have been imprisoned on terrorism-related crimes in the past 18 months than used to face such charges over decades. Since October, 2008, 14 Canadians have been found guilty of terror-related acts. Some, like Momin Khawaja, Said Namouh, and Zakaria Amara are likely to spend decades behind bars. If, during that time, they convince even one other inmate to adopt their violent ideology, would their original convictions still be touted as a resounding counterterrorism success? To ensure that getting one terrorist off Canada’s streets does not inadvertently breed two others, we need a counterterrorism strategy that includes our prison policy.

Of course we must adapt U.S. and European lessons to the demographic, cultural and religious specifics of Canadian life; patterns that affect the spread of extremist ideologies within our society in general also affect prisons. But with that in mind, Correctional Service Canada (CSC) should follow the lead of its European counterparts by producing a prison guide on indicators of radicalization and establishing an extremism unit to monitor trends.

We must also deny extremists access to other inmates by a combination of containing radicals within one prison facility, segregating them from the wider population in regular prisons (and from one another) and displacing them frequently within the system. But we must also be alert to convicts who turn away from a terrorist past, because they can help combat the spread of radical ideas to other inmates. It requires a sophisticated understanding of our terrorist prison population and detailed assessments of each inmate.

Iran: Afghan troops looking for Taliban arrested after crossing the border

Afghan Troops Arrested in Iran | News | English

Iran says it is investigating Afghan troops who shot at Iranian forces after crossing over the border.

Iran’s ISNA news agency says Iranian border guards encountered the Afghan troops traveling by car, armed with rifles and a grenade launcher.

Border police commander Hossein Zolfaghari said the six officers and one soldier were detained, and told officials they were looking for Taliban militants and crossed into Iran by accident.

Repeat with me: they were looking for Taliban militants and crosed into Iran by accident. Oh, really? Where were the militants going, which direction were they taking that get them so near Iranian border?

Persian Gulf: Sunni vs. Shia reloaded

Middle East: The Clash Of The Fundamentalists | NEWS JUNKIE POST

Those who visit the Arabic countries of the Persian Gulf can easily recognize the elevation of sectarian tension between the Muslims of Sunni tradition and the Muslims of Shiaa tradition. It is the era of strife among Shiaa and Sunni. The Sunnis are the majority in the Gulf, and other Arab countries as well, while the Shiaas are the second largest denomination of Islam in the region; they are even the majority in some Arab countries such as Iraq and Bahrain.

The Sunnis are backed by their religious head, Saudi Arabia lead by the Wahhabist conservative regime (Wahhabism is a particular orientation within Salafism). The Shiaas are influenced by their Shiaa-Iconic regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Mullahs regime that launched “The Shiaa Revival” with its Iranian Revolution three decades ago. Iran is now accused of imposing its political and religious agenda on non-Iranian Shiaas, causing conflict in their own countries, and also influencing Sunnis as well.

Throughout the Arabian Gulf countries, one phenomenon is found: Imams are loudly swearing to – both inside and outside their mosques – the fundamental basics of the Shiaa tradition. At the same time, many books have recently been released that are against the Shiaa tradition.Those books are freely available to the public. An analyst from the region told me in confidence that this phenomenon is a “Wahabist invasion of the Gulf countries”. The Sunnis have started to call the Shiaas as rawafid (Rejectionists and perhaps dissidents) The Shiaa have started to call the Sunni as Nawasib (Have intentional hostility against Imam Ali).These words are derogatory, stereotypical, and highly provocative.

Yemen: AQ bomb maker sentenced to death

Yemen sentences al Qaeda bomb maker to death | Reuters

Yemen sentenced to death an al Qaeda bomb maker on Monday who told the judge the “demise” of the country was in the hands of militants whose southern hideouts are being targeted by air raids.  

Saleh al-Shawish was arrested in January and prosecutors said he specialized in explosives while training with jihadist militants in Afghanistan.

Yemen is trying to quell a resurgent branch of al Qaeda in the country, which has increased its attacks on both Western and government targets in the Arabian Peninsula state, neighbor to top oil exporter Saudi Arabia.

Shawish confessed to his involvement in al Qaeda during the court sessions, the judge said in his sentencing, including attacks on oil installations, military bases and checkpoints.

His indictment said he specialized in building bombs and preparing suicide bombers.

He belonged to al Qaeda and caused the death of a number of innocent people and damaged Yemen’s status and its economic interests,” the judge said. “The punishment for this is the death penalty.”

Shawish, from Yemen’s eastern province of Hadramout, rejected an appeal and told the judge: “God willing your demise is in our hands, starting in Abyan.”

AQ terrorist confesses on trial.

Tajikistan: Military hunting Mullo Abdullo aka "Tajikistan’s Bin Laden"

FoxNews.com – Tajikistan hunts for elusive Islamic militant

In the wild mountains east of the capital Dushanbe, thousands of soldiers are on the hunt for a man authorities say is masterminding a plot to turn this impoverished and unstable country on Afghanistan’s northern border into a haven for Islamic terrorists.
Tajikistan holds great strategic importance in the NATO military campaign in Afghanistan, serving as a link in supply routes — and news of an uncontained conflict here in the pursuit of a purported terrorist chieftain is causing alarm in Western capitals.
Tajikistan’s value as a supply channel has only increased in recent weeks as the main route through Pakistan has come under pressure by repeated militant attacks on tanker trucks carrying fuel.
An Islamic insurgency in Tajikistan led by Mullo Abdullo would therefore have deep consequences for the U.S.-led campaign against terror.

Egypt: Our friend Mubarak

Egypt Cuts a Deal: Christians Fed to Muslim ‘Lions’ :: Hudson New York

…Considering the citizenship rights Copts enjoyed in the early-to-mid-20th century, how did things come to this pass? Much of this reversion can be traced to Mubarak’s predecessor, Anwar Sadat, who altered Egypt’s Constitution — by adding Article 2, “sharia is the principle source of legislation” — only to be rewarded, ironically, with assassination by the Islamist “Frankenstein monster” he had empowered. Since then, there has been a tacit agreement between the government and the Islamists. As Youssef Ibrahim puts it, the agreement “turned over to Islamists control in media, education, and government administrations in return for allowing Mr. Mubarak’s rule to go on unchallenged, setting the stage … for his son, Gamal, to succeed him. As part of the deal, [Mubarak] agreed to feed Egypt’s Christians to the growing Islamic beast.

The Copts now find themselves in a dire situation. Magdi Khalil, a human rights activist at the forefront of the “Coptic question,” states that “Egypt is on the verge of chaos and change of regime, and there is a plan for Copts to pay the price of this predicted chaos, by directing the surplus violence, hate and barbarism towards them.” This redirection onto the Copts is obvious even in subtle things: aside from the habitual anti-Copt indoctrination that goes on in mosques — all of the demonstrations occurred immediately after Friday’s mosque prayers. Egypt’s state-run public education system also marginalizes, if not ostracizes, the Copts (see, for example, Adel Guindy‘s “The Talibanization of Education in Egypt.”)

More obvious proof of the government’s complicity is the fact that, not only has it not prevented or dispersed the increasingly rabid demonstrations against the Copts — the way it viciously and unequivocally does whenever any protests are directed against itself — but Egyptian security, as Magdi Khalil affirmed in a phone conversation, actually facilitates, and sometimes participates, in these mass demonstrations. After all, Islamists who publicly call for the death of the Pope do so, writes Ibrahim Eissa, “knowing quite well that State Security will not touch them, since demonstrations are directed against the Pope and not the President, the Church and not the inheritance issue [Gamal Mubarak as successor of his father]. Those who go out in Jihad against ‘inheritance,’ democracy and election fraud are beaten mercilessly by security forces, but those who go out to incite sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians believe …that they are the friends and ‘buddies’ of the police and the State Security.”

Iran: Pastor’s Wife Released as Husband Faces Execution

Worthy Christian News � NEWS ALERT: Iran Releases Pastor’s Wife as Husband Faces Execution:

“The wife of a prominent evangelical pastor in Iran was free Monday, October 18, after four months of detention, but her husband still faced the death penalty for abandoning Islam, the Church of Iran said.

Fatemeh Passandideh, the wife of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, was released October 11 by a court in Gilan province, in northern Iran, an official linked to the Church of Iran told Worthy News and its news partner BosNewsLife.

‘The release of Fatemeh Passandideh comes ten days after the announcement of the death sentence for her husband Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani,’ he said, speaking on earlier agreed conditions of anonymity, amid security concerns.

Pastor Nadarkhani was convicted of ‘apostasy‘, or leaving Islam, last month by the 11th Chamber of the Assize Court of the province of Gilan. The pastor’s attorney is expected to file an appeal against the ruling after he reportedly found ‘serious procedural flaws‘ in the case.”

Christian pastor sentenced to death for “thought crime”.

Chechenya: Parliament and Ministry of Agriculture attacked by Islamists, 6 people feared killed

2 killed in suicide bombing in Chechen parliament shooting: Russia media (UPDATE-2) | Russia |

A suicide bomber detonated himself on Tuesday at the door of the regional parliament of Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, killing two people, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

Two or three of his accomplices broke into the parliament and began shooting, said an unnamed law enforcement source, Xinhua reported.

Shots were heard starting from 09:00 a.m. Moscow time (0500 GMT). Currently the clashes inside the parliament building have been over, but sporadic shots could still be heard from the scene.

To date no final casualties were available.

The area has been blocked with all personnel evacuated, said the source, adding that an special operation, led by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, was underway to eliminate the insurgents.

Earlier, the Interfax news agency reported, quoting an unnamed law enforcement source, that some shots were heard in the parliament, killing unspecified number of people.

Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, who was currently in the regional capital of Grozny, has been informed about the incident, said the source.

Italian media is reporting that it was an assault on the Parliament by Chechen guerrilla militants, that is, Chechenyan Islamic terrorists. They report that there was a suicide terrorist who killed the two men from security who were at the Parliament’s entry door. Parliament’s president was inside the building when they stormed it, but according to sources he hasn’t been killed.

JPost reports that there are at least 4 killed. It also adds: “A separate group of attackers stormed the Ministry of Agriculture building, where they are fighting off police, Itar-Tass reported, citing a ministry source“.

UPDATE: The Telegraph reports: 6 people feared killed.

UPDATE – 2:  Of the six people killed, 4 were attackers, according to latest reports.

Russia fought two wars with Chechen separatists in the 1990s before installing a loyal government there in 2000.
Since then, most of the Islamist insurgents have moved over into the neighboring Russian republics of Dagestan and Ingushetia, with terrorist attacks seldom striking at the heart of Grozny in recent years.