Middle East: "International community must take its responsibility to reach an agreement on respect to human dignity", Kirkuk’s bishop says

Mgr Louis Sako, archbishop of Kirkuk speaks on Christians in the region:

There is a danger of the extinction of the Christian community in Iraq and other countries“. For these families, the war has been a disaster. Americans are not only responsible for that tragedy, but they are responsible of a stable and peaceful future. They should not leave them behind   and pulling their troops out of Iraq without caring.

In addition, the international assembly is responsible to keep religious and ethnic minorities in their land to continue their presence and uphold their heritage and witness. The lack of planning to stop the mortal exodus that afflicts our community is worrying.

The future of Christians in Iraq, but also in M.E. has one of two ends: Emigration, or to accept to live as a second-class citizen with many difficulties and fears.

The question that requires an urgent and decisive response is, “How can Iraqi Christians be helped?  We need a strong support from all, with a clear “political” vision and precise plans not only for protecting and encouraging Christians to stay home and to hope, but also for fostering reconciliation among Iraqis, to promote human rights in that area and asking the governments to respect the rules.  Christians have been, and can continue to be today, an instrument of dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and collaboration with our Muslim brothers who are appreciating their qualifications, therefore the migration of Christians from Middle East is a big loss for both.

The international community must take its responsibility and come up with the local authorities to a common agreement to respect the dignity of the human person and its rights based on equality and full citizenship, with partnership commitments and protection. Therefore, it is necessary to make real modification on the Constitutions in order to guarantee the rights of all citizens equally.

The strength of a state should be based on credibility in applying laws equally to all citizens, without discrimination between Muslims and non-Muslims, majority and minority. This is a shame. In The west Muslims community are enjoying full equality and they are not considered a minority or a second-class citizens. In ME were are indigenous and not refugees!

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