Malaysia: Adam Lambert’s show too glam for Islam

Malaysian authorities said Tuesday they would not ban US singer Adam Lambert’s concert despite protests from conservative Islamist groups over his openly gay performances, but would require him to tone down his act.
‘Our decision remains the same. The concert can go on as long as they follow our guidelines,’ a spokeswoman from the government agency that vets permit for performance by foreign artists said.
Adam Lambert, 28, shot to fame as a contestant in the 2009 American Idol singing competition. His Glam Nation Tour was scheduled to hold a concert Thursday at the indoor Putra Stadium in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.
But his eyebrow-raising stage antics have not escaped the attention of the Pan Islamic Party (PAS). The country’s largest opposition party has called on the government to cancel the ‘wild, lewd and extreme’ concert because Lambert is deemed to be a purveyor of the Western ‘yellow,’ or depraved, culture.
‘Adam Lambert has not only publicly disclosed that he is gay but he has wantonly displayed his gayness by kissing male dancers and performed lewd acts on stage with his fellow rock band,’ PAS youth wing head Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi said.
His concert would ‘destroy the morals of our youths,’ he added.

4 comments on “Malaysia: Adam Lambert’s show too glam for Islam

  1. Iking says:

    This has certainly been blown completely out of any area that would be rational. Adam occasionally kisses Tommy Jo, his Bass Guitar Player, who is straight, as part of the performance. The majority of people are disappointed if this does not happen, it is part of who Adam Lambert is. He dances alongside his professional dancers, and is not lewd in any stretch of the imagination. Adam is caught between the rock and hard place–damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Think this Star awesome for not disappointing him thousands of fans in Malaysia

    • Claudia says:

      Hello ilking:

      This is a show that you are allowed to see if you pay. No one is going to watch the show if he/she isn’t interested. And this is the problem these guys have. You don’t like the show? Don’t buy the ticket. It’s so simple.

      And about Lambert’s perversion of children, I’m still waiting they just protest the same against homosexual pedophilia in Afghanistan.

      Last night, I watched the saddest little movie, a brave Frontline documentary about the “Bacha Bazi,” the underage “dancing boys” of Afghanistan. These children are sex slaves to older, powerful Afghan men–in this instance, former Northern Alliance warlords, who have purchased them from their impoverished families or, as orphans, simply taken them off the street. When they try to escape, they are found and punished—or they are murdered.

      …Homosexual pederasty is epidemic in the Muslim world. Think ancient Greece (Alexander the Great marched on through Afghanistan clear to India); think Ottoman Empire Turkey; think Persia; think Saudi Arabia, where grown men still hold hands in public. The dancing boys are but one example or expression of it. Nevertheless, the phenomenon is hotly denied, and “homosexuality,” as westerners understand it, is strictly forbidden and often savagely punished in Muslim countries. On camera, one man suggests that the practice was learned in Pakistan when Afghan warriors fled the Russian invasion. But homosexual pederasty may also be indigenous to Afghanistan.

      The bacha bazi kind of homosexuality is strictly prison-sex: it is taken by force, and is strictly about money and power. (In prison, this translates into “protection.”) The Afghan children have no choice but to make the best of it. Their lives are “ruined,” as one boy said on camera. But, when they “age out,” at eighteen, they hope to set up a stable of dancing boys of their own as the only or the best way to earn money.

      Other than Radhika Coomaraswamy of UNICEF, we see no woman’s face on camera in the Frontline documentary. We see Afghan women in chadors prostrate, begging, on the street; we see women in chadors scurrying by. Only once do we hear an Afghan woman’s voice. It belongs to the mother of a murdered “dancing boy.” She sits, in full, eerie chador, at home, right next to another naked-faced son, and talks to the naked-faced interviewer, the very brave Afghan journalist who made this film: London-based Najibullah Quraishi. (His producer is Jamie Doran). To his credit, with the help of a former warlord, Quraishi actually manages to rescue one very young boy and relocates both him and his family.

      The other young sex slaves are left to their own devices. Perhaps UNICEF or even President Karzai will rescue them. (This is a bitter, heartbroken comment. Please don’t think I’m holding my breath here).

  2. Brenduck says:

    He’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. There seems to be little that he can do, He’s willing to compromise for his fans.

    • Claudia says:

      I understand him, Brenduck. The ones I don’t understand are the ones who protest so loudly against Lambert but don’t have the courage to protest against homosexual pedophilia if it’s done by other Muslim people. 👿

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