Chomsky: "Europe won’t accept Turkey because of racism"

Chomsky: EU won’t accept Turkey because of racism:

European racism is the main reason why Turkey will not be accepted into the EU, says Noam Chomsky according to Turkish newspaper, Today’s Zaman.

Europe can claim with some justification that Turkey has not satisfied all of the human rights conditions. On the other hand, I don’t really think this is the reason. …I think it is plain racism,” Chomsky said in an interview with the newspaper on Sunday.

…Chomsky added that there are worse human rights violators among European countries and pointed to Britain which participated in the war in Iraq.

“Has Turkey done anything like that? On the contrary, it refused to participate in the invasion. That’s a much higher level of observance of human rights and even international law…I always felt Europe was more racist,” he said.

The MIT professor visited İstanbul on Friday to participate in an international conference on the freedom of expression, and said he had seen great improvements in Turkey’s approach to human rights, especially in its treatment toward the Kurds.

So, now it results that after 500 years of Ottoman dominion over the Balkans (with the mixture of races and physical types that causes), Europe lets Balkan countries enter the EU and not Turkey but the problem is racism. It’s amazing this guy can sell books…


7 comments on “Chomsky: "Europe won’t accept Turkey because of racism"

  1. costin says:

    Turkey in the EU will be a Trojan Horse, this is so obvius, as for the lunatic named Chomsky, if you listen to him for a few minutes, you will see that there isnt ONE thing that he doesnt distort, one black that he doesnt portray white, there isnt one single white that he doesnt make black…

    • Marie-Louise says:

      Chomsky, what a Liberal appeaser 😥

      He is admired among Turks because of his anti-Isreael stance.

      • Claudia says:

        No doubt! As a leftist Jew, he is of course, against Israel.

        Chomsky has made many criticisms of the Israeli government, its supporters, the United States’ support of the government and its treatment of the Palestinian people, arguing that ” ‘supporters of Israel’ are in reality supporters of its moral degeneration and probable ultimate destruction” and that “Israel’s very clear choice of expansion over security may well lead to that consequence.”[93] Chomsky disagreed with the founding of Israel as a Jewish state, saying, “I don’t think a Jewish or Christian or Islamic state is a proper concept. I would object to the United States as a Christian state.”[94] Chomsky hesitated before publishing work critical of Israeli policies while his parents were alive, because he “knew it would hurt them” he says, “mostly because of their friends, who reacted hysterically to views like those expressed in my work.“[95] On May 16, 2010, Israeli authorities detained Chomsky and ultimately refused his entry to the West Bank via Jordan.[96] A spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister indicated that the refusal of entry was simply due to a border guard who “overstepped his authority” and a second attempt to enter would likely be allowed.[97] Chomsky disagreed, saying that the Interior Ministry official who interviewed him was taking instructions from his superiors.[97] Chomsky maintained that based on the several hours of interviewing, he was denied entry because of the things he says and because he was visiting a university in the West Bank but no Israeli universities.[97]

        I wonder why his parents’ friends would “react hysterically” as views like Chomsky’s. Anyway, he doesn’t make the same comments about Hamas or Hizbullah. He seems really angry at democracies, while very content with dictatorships.

    • Claudia says:

      Hello, costin: I’m sure Chomshy is also thrilled by the perspective of what Gaddafi says there:

      Gaddafi said at the meeting, on Thursday evening, in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the heads of delegations of leaders of the Social Popular Islamic Forum Muammar friendship and networking in the Balkans, and the Association of Gaddafi to young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were visiting Libya, «You are a rarity in Europe, you get the large number of willing God in the day, you will have the upper hand and higher levels, you will be imams and Oarthyn of the European continent ».

      He added: «If Turkey joined the European Union, and the presence of both states the Balkans in the European Union and Albania in the European Union, the meaning of this is that the European continent is no longer a crusade or a Christian as it was, but Islam has become a strong partner in the European continent to the ground and human beings and actually».

      «We await the day when Turkey joins the European Union to serve as a Trojan horse, which tells the history».

  2. […] By the way, this is the same guy that wants Turkey to enter the European Union as a “trojan horse of Islam” (comment). […]

  3. Klavs Jensen says:

    You are an idiot

    • Claudia says:

      Wow, what a very elaborate comment. I have just approved it, because it says much more about you than about me.

      Have a good, happy and productive life! 😛

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