Spain: Islamic Center accepts to move mosque

Torrent’s Islamic Center has agreed with the neighbors of Nicholas Andreu, at a meeting orchestrated by the Office of Mayor of the City, paralyzing the work being undertaken in a building on Calle San Ernesto to convert it into a mosque and find another location that satisfies all parties.

For seven years, Muslims have come to the headquarters of Torrent’s Islamic center located in a room of just 120 square feet of Nicholas Andreu Street and had never had any problems with neighbors. However, the growing number of faithful forced many to stay in the street to pray at the designated days of the Muslim calendar.

Therefore, the Islamic Center sought and rented a closer and more extensive than could accommodate smoothly to 200 or 300 worshipers. This is a warehouse located in the basement of a building on Rue Saint Ernesto, in the same neighborhood. However, this new location seemed to disturb the neighbors who claimed, from their Association, that the street is very narrow, there are parking problems and that there are two schools close so that, at peak times, it can be to collapse.

The makers of the Islamic Center, meanwhile, do not understand the complaints recalling that during seven years there has been no notable incidents and that the relocation was done precisely to avoid nuisance to neighbors. But the desire to avoid a conflict with the neighbors has led to the Hall to mediate in the negotiation between both parties to reach a consensual solution.

Although the Muslim Association had already begun work on the ship rented by pulling some walls, has reached agreement with the neighbors to paralyze the work and find another location that would satisfy all parties.

The mayor of the municipality, Maria José Català, has acknowledged being “satisfied” with the outcome of the negotiations as “the reference of the government team has been at all times comply with current legislation and the welfare of neighbors.”

We had the cooperation of locals who have understood from the outset that the best option was to work with the government team for the proper resolution of this conflict,” he said.

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Barcepundit compares the treatment that Spanish MSM is doing of Ground Zero mosque and this one: “In Ground Zero’s affair, everybody has been giving their opinion: Islamophobes, racists, intolerants, scared shitless, imperialists, bloody invaders of Islamic lands, blablabla… The polemic has been on the TV news opening. We will see what they say regarding this affair“.

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Narco-terrorism: FARC and Al-Qaeda inSouth America

Three suspected al-Qaeda associates who were apprehended in West Africa by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents during an international anti-drug operation, were extradited to New York and appeared in federal court in Manhattan earlier this year, according to reports obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police’s Terrorism and Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs committees.

The operation confirms the suspicions of terrorism experts that al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are involved in narcotics trafficking to fund their terror operations.

The suspects — Oumar Issa, Harouna Toure and Idress Abelrahman — were charged with conspiracy to commit acts of narco-terrorism and conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization after they allegedly agreed to transport as much as 1,000 kilos of cocaine. Allegedly, the drugs were earmarked for western European countries and the United States.

The cocaine interdiction and arrests occurred along the traffickers’ favorite route through West Africa to North Africa that serves as a launch point for export to Europe. The suspects were taken into custody after an intense undercover investigation in which informants and agents posed as Colombian narco-terrorists who claimed they shared hatred for the United States with the African suspects.

According to the NACOP report, Colombian drug kingpins use the same transshipment techniques in Africa that they’ve successfully used in Latin America. The Colombian traffickers’ utilized al-Qaeda’s protection services in order to make certain shipments arrived at their destinations.

DEA officials report that in this case they were able to infiltrate the drug operation during the negotiations phase. The undercover DEA agents and informants indicated they were associated with the Colombia terrorist group FARC and could protect the shipment from West Africa to North Africa and ultimately to Spain.

Issa, Toure and Abelrahman claim to be from Mali, but their nation of origin is yet unknown.

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Venezuela-Sahel: international net of drug trafficking and terrorism.
US charges 3 Al Qaeda men with drug trafficking to finance global terror.
Report: Hizbullah’s drug trafficking.
Drug Trafficking: More on “Air Al-Qaeda”.
More on the links between South American drug traffickers and AQIM.
Northern Europe: Somali Muslim Khat-sale finances Islamic terrorism.
Spain: NC judge accuses Venezuela of ETA/FARC terrorism.
US: indictment links Hezbollah with Mexican drug cartels.
US: Walid Phares on Jihadist-Drug Cartels’ links.

France: Catholic schools and Muslim students

The number of Muslim students is increasing in these private institutions, where they sometimes are in the majority. AS a result, teachers had been given a handbook of “good conduct“.

In a Catholic school, a group of students refuses to go swimming during Ramadan on the pretext that they are likely to swallow water. Citing medical reasons, their parents request a waiver of sporting activities. Discomfort on the side of teachers: those activities give rise to an evaluation that accounts for the baccalaureate. Another place, another scene: a Catholic primary school welcomes more than 200 students. Of these, about 70% are Muslim. However, the headteacher decides to install a crib in the lobby during Advent. A Muslim parent then requires the removal of it, “a Muslim can not hear that Jesus is the Son of God.” (NOTE: So, what do you expect? Your son/daughter is in a school where they actually believe that Jesus is the Son of God!).

Catholic schools do not always know what attitude to adopt towards Islam. Particularly since they are increasingly confronted with an increased number of Muslim students in recent years. They have even become the majority in some schools, particularly in Villeurbanne (Rhône), Marseille and Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines). A recent phenomenon which has decided to address the General Secretariat of Catholic Education (SGEC) in partnership with the Department for Relations with Islam (SRI) of the Conference of Bishops. For two years, heads of institutions and experts have worked on this issue. Result: a file entitled “Muslims in Catholic schools” and instructed to provide practical guidance and theoretical tools for teachers.

Why some parents today push Muslims to turn to Catholic schools? The law, of course. It authorizes them since 1959, because no Catholic institution under contract can not refuse a student because of his religion. “They also believe that in this type of establishment, at least we talk about God to young people“. “Others also see a good level of education for their children“, explains Pierre Robitaille, the leader of the working group on Muslims in Catholic school for SGEC. Among the top fifty colleges of Figaro Awards 2010 are shown for 80% of private schools, even though they represent only 20% of the general. Besides the private is a good way to bypass the 2004 law on religious signs in schools since it applies only to the public.

In the dossier, sixteen fact sheets are made available to teachers to enable them to better understand Islam and to understand its mechanisms, “Islamic Basic Vocabulary,” “Festivals and events in Islam,” “Place of the traditional Women in Muslim society“, or “The Islamic veil“. In addition, the report addresses fourteen cases already encountered in concrete schools and makes “for thought and action“.” Because the challenge of Catholic education here is to achieve to remain open to all without denying itself. “The faith must express itself, but it does not seek to proselytize as much, warns Pierre Robitaille. However, teachers must also be careful to avoid certain situations from becoming unmanageable. For example, a school manager offered Muslim students a room to pray, so they avoid getting wet by rain in the courtyard of the school. They have turned it into a prayer room and invite some people outside the school to pray with them. Since then, the Director can no longer use this piece for other activities.

The idea is that students of other faiths rather practice their religion outside of school, with exemptions for boarding. In the latter, you can make available some rooms for young people to pray, but they should not turn into a room dedicated to prayer, said the convenor of the Working Group on “Muslims in schools“. “We have a mission church. We are not a self religions! “.


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MSM: Spanish journalist goes undercover inside Jihadist groups… in Venezuela

Salas decided to go undercover with his hidden cameras after the bombings that killed 191 people on Madrid commuter trains on 11 March 2004. He had been as stunned as other Spaniards by the blasts, despite the country’s experience of Basque terrorist group Eta. “I wanted to know what goes through the mind of a person who is capable of killing for an ideology.”

Salas’s previous undercover investigations – as a skinhead supporter of Real Madrid football club, and in the world of prostitute-trafficking – had taken him to the heart of some of the most violent groups in Spain. “My aim was to understand terrorism in the same way that I came to understand skinheads or prostitute-traffickers.”

…Salas picked the Venezuela of President Hugo Chávez as his base. “I had been told Venezuela was a mecca of international terrorism,” he says. “The Farc group from Colombia was there, as were people from Eta.” Numerous other small revolutionary groups had also set up under Chávez’s benevolent gaze. There, in what the New Yorker journalist Jon Lee Anderson calls “the parallel reality that is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela today”, Salas established himself as yet another niche radical – flying the flag for Palestine and running a local branch of Hezbollah. More importantly, he got close to the family of Ilich Ramírez SánchezCarlos the Jackal.

…By tracking the Arabic news channel al-Jazeera, Venezuelan TV and the internet for mentions of The Jackal, Salas discovered that Chávez himself was one of his biggest fans. “For him, Carlos is not a terrorist but a revolutionary – a model internationalist, like Che Guevara. Just as Che went to fight for other peoples, so Ilich went to fight for the Palestinians. Whenever Chávez mentioned The Jackal, I would record it and send it to him, which he loved.”

Not that Salas agrees with Chávez’s view of The Jackal. “He is considered responsible for 82 killings; I don’t call that being a revolutionary. I call him a terrorist.” – though he would probably not, he admits, use the term to his face. “It helps that he is in jail.”

…In Venezuela’s fringe community of political extremists, he bumped into people from Eta, the Túpac Amaru (a group of armed Venezuelan radicals who support Chávez), and other groups. Repeated requests for hands-on training eventually saw him invited to a camp in Venezuela, where he learned to handle pistols, rifles and machine guns, including a Kalashnikov AK-103, an Uzi sub-machine gun, the American M4 carbine and a Belgian-designed FN FAL. He also practised with a sniper’s telescopic sight and received explosives training. “I learned all that a jihadist might need to take his message of terror to a city in Europe or the United States,” Salas says. “There was nothing glamorous about it. It was just a question of learning to kill better.”

His instructors included a Venezuelan army colonel, though Salas insists the camp was not run by the Chávez regime. “It just so happened that my instructors, as well as being supporters of revolutionary causes, were Venezuelan army officers.”

…So what conclusions does Salas draw from rubbing shoulders with international terror? His answer is coloured by the fact that half a dozen people he met during his investigation have since died – often violently. “I don’t justify violence, but I can understand it. I never found any glamour or sophistication in that world, nor anyone especially intelligent – except for The Jackal. Terrorists really have only two ends – they either die or go to jail. You have to be a bit stupid to do that.”

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Sudan rejects Gadaffi’s "warning"

Southern Sudan has rejected Muammar Gaddafi‘s warning that a vote for independence next year could destabilise the rest of Africa.

Southern Sudan Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told the BBC that Africa had not broken up when Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993.

He said the people’s choice should be respected, however they voted.


Gaddafi: Israel is responsible for Sudanese crisis.
Spain: Sudanese refugee alerts about links between Sudanese Govt and Al-Qaeda.

Philippines: Supreme Court rules anti-terrorism law constitutional

The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of a 2007 anti-terror law, which the government sought to bolster a U.S.-backed campaign against al-Qaida-linked militants but critics fear could muzzle civil liberties.
Left-wing alliance Bayan, one of the groups that sought the repeal of the Human Security Act, said Monday it would appeal last Friday’s ruling. The law rarely has been used since it took effect because law enforcers fear the heavy punishment it includes for mistaken arrests and abuses.
Then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, a staunch Asian ally of the U.S. campaign against terrorism, signed the anti-terror law in 2007 to turn her Southeast Asian country — regarded as a breeding ground of Islamic radicals — into a hostile territory for militants.
Arroyo cited terrorist attacks, including the bombing of buses, telecommunications and power lines.
The United States and Australia welcomed the new law, which took effect in July 2007. U.S. and Australian security officials have expressed fears that suspected terror training camps in the southern Philippines could produce militants who could strike anywhere in the world.
But several left-wing groups, legislators and human rights advocates separately petitioned the Supreme Court to declare the law unconstitutional, arguing its definition of terrorism was too broad and could cover legitimate dissent like labor strikes, anti-U.S. demonstrations and even daring stunts by Greenpeace activists who barge into ships and power plants.
The law defines terrorism as any of at least 12 violent crimes — including murder, kidnapping, arson, piracy, coup and rebellion — that cause widespread and extraordinary panic and force the government to give in to an unlawful demand.


Iran: Christian pastor sentenced to death for "thought crime"

A Christian pastor in Iran is being sentenced to death for what is being called a “thought crime.”

There are others in his assembly who are imprisoned, and his own wife is being threatened with life imprisonment. They have two young children.

According to web-blogs following the case, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, responsible for one of the largest Protestant communities in Iran, “has been” sentenced to death for apostasy Saturday, October 2 by the 11th Chamber of The Assize Court of the province of Gilan.

This information was given to his lawyer Nasser Sarbaz. It was communicated to him verbally, news sources said.

Pastor Youcef was transferred after the verdict from Lakan prison to another place of detention, which is under the direction of the Political Police of The Islamic Republic.

Pastor Youcef was arrested in October 2009 for protesting against a decision of the Corporation to impose Koranic teaching to his son.

Iran adheres, at least officially, to the Charter of Human Rights and the Iranian Constitution recognizes the right to religious freedom and according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad there is no thought crimes law in Iran.

There is a petition to the Iranian Government in several languages to have them released.

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Ahmadinejad wrote recently to the Pope asking him for help in combatting Islamophobia. Iranian President should begin by respecting other people’s faiths if he wants the rest to respect his.

France: Man who filmed Muslims’ illegal preach time, threatened

This video is some months old I guess, but a reader has posted it in a comment:

France: Conference about "Immigration, Islamism: Is France Threatened?" Cancelled

The Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), the political party of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was forced on Tuesday to cancel a public debate organized in its headquarters, amid concerns that the debate would spark new accusations of racism and discrimination.

Titled “Immigration, Islamism: Is France Threatened?,” the controversial debate did not come at a good time for UMP, which is now presenting a new bill on immigration in the Assemblee Nationale (National Assembly), the lower house of French bicameral Parliament.

We have chosen this time to really participate in Parliament discussions on future immigration law, as they are starting this week and will be at full intensity on that day,” explained the Droite Libre (Free Right), the UMP-associated group that organized the meeting.

These issues are a concern to our fellow citizens, yet they almost never have a chance to discuss them; those who dare to mention immigration and Islam are framed by the intellectual terror of ‘political correctness.’”


The Droite Libre on their blog, have protested against the cancellation, judging it as an attack against freedom of expression.

Our evening discussion “Immigration, Islam, Is France threatened?” was scheduled Sept. 30 at the National Assembly, after the refusal of the UMP. 

Wednesday 29 at night, much to our amazement, the President of the National Assembly, Bernard Accoyer, gave in to the CFCM (French Council of Muslim Faith) and decided to cancel this important meeting of the Free Right in place highly significant debates of the Republic. 

The event is serious indeed, this is the first time since the passing of the 1905 Act, that a religious organization supports the prohibition of a public political meeting in the grounds of national representation on the pretext that “Islam is branded“. Our meeting, attended by politicians, experts and an imam, raised the issue of real or supposed links between religious extremism and Islamist immigration that, if true, would endanger the values of France. 

La Droite Libre solemnly requests the President of the National Assembly if he has thereby agreed to meet draconian requirements of a theocratic pressure group and if he considers as does the CFCM that Islamism is synonymous with Islam, something that is not supported by La Droite Libre

La Droite Libre, a movement that is positioned within the presidential majority and the movement of the UMP, remembers that Mr. Accoyer had already a few months ago, objected to the courageous act against the burqa and the full veil, supported by the UMP group in the Assembly and President Nicolas Sarkozy himself.

La Droite Libre demands to the majority party and Accoyer if some sort of theocratic censorship has indeed been restored in France under the pressure from Muslim organizations that claim to represent Muslims in France but they only represent themselves, their different currents and their country of reference. 

For the sake of tolerance, La Droite Libre had yet been careful not to stigmatize Muslims or Islam, choosing as the debate second term “Islamism“, which, since the work political scientist Bruno Etienne, means the fringe of radical Islam and extremism and not Islam in general.

Prosecution mirror or slip? The CFCM, instead, protested because the reference to “Islamism”, by his own statement, is related to Islam at all! 

With its statement, the CFCM has itslef acknowledged as Islamism. 

In fact, the CFCM relays the offensive in France of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), which seeks to introduce, worldwide and within the UN since the 1990s, the “crime of blasphemy” by equating criticism of Islam with racism or “Islamophobia” and therefore criminally punishable. 

Incredible paradox, the OIC gives lessons about racism in the West, but it’s an association of 57 Islamic countries that persecute their minorities evern in their homes and not only prohibits the proselytizing of other religions (even Morocco “tolerant” represented the CFCM forbidden for a Muslim to choose another religion), but the mere freedom of worship

La Droite Libre wonders if the goals of the repressive and obscurantist OIC are being met in the land of Voltaire …. 

By contrast, the courageous Imam of Drancy, Hassen Chalghoumi, who was going to be at the conference by La Droite Libre, is threatened with death by Islamists, courageously denounces Islamic extremists, does not cry persecution, does not ask cancel the debates, agrees to dialogue with secular and anticlerical people who do not agree with him. He has written a remarkable book in which he unequivocally defended the values of democracy and freedom of expression. 

La Droite Libre wonders whether the CFCM also wanted to silence this courageous Imam as he is very inconvenient for the liberticidal theocrats from the CFCM. 

Moreover, the fact that Mr. Moussaoui, president of the CFCM, has been awarded the Order of Merit of the City by the socialist municipality of Strasbourg, and the fact that Le Monde has triggered this controversy supporting the draconian pro-Islamists, confirm the sinister alliance between Red, Pink and Green. 

The lessons of recent days have led us to ask some friendly questions, with no concessions, to the majority of our friends:

  • Is it acceptable that a leftist newspaper known for its biased reporters and a group of imams who are the opposite to freedom of expression, give lessons in morality and tolerance to the majority party and personalities who wish free debate in a pluralistic context? 

  • Has democracy in modern times become the tyranny of minorities? 

  • Should the French Right try to please the lobbies of the left, far-left activists and minorities who speak of racism to defend Islam, rather than citizens frustrated by the weaknesses of the Republic?

For its part, La Droite Libre denounces intellectual terrorism and political correctness and remember the words of the patriotic candidate Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2007 presidential campaign: “Stop repenting!”. 

The UMP should stay the course and not be daunted by any tendentious article in Le Monde or communal lobbies whatsoever. Voters will take heed. The French are tired of false moral lessons and attacks trying to cause guilty consciences. 

Throughout the summer, the outrageous debates around the issue of Roma and insults against Nicolas Sarkozy accused of “racism” or “vichysme” shocked the French who claimed the vast majority of the lawful and reasonable measures proposed by the President and the majority. Our President and our Minister of the Interior were perfectly right in saying that “nobody is above the law“, nor a religious group a minority or majority ethnic or cultural group. 

The law must be the same for everyone and democracy is not the reign of Virtuous Leagues but its only ruler is the popular vote. 

In the same spirit, freedom of expression must be exercised by everyone and it is unfortunate that some of our majority forgets. 

In any event, La Droite Libre will make every effort to exercise that freedom of expression, and thus reorder a new debate with the same themes, once a suitable location has been chosen.

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