France: Constitutional Council approves burqa ban

France’s top legal authority has approved a law banning full-face veils in public, the last hurdle for the ban, which aims to protect women’s rights but has been criticised as stigmatising Muslims.

The Constitutional Council, which had previously warned that banning the veil may be unconstitutional, said it approved the version of the bill, which has been passed by both Houses of Parliament, after a final review.

It judged however that the ban, due to enter force early next year, would be unenforceable in public places of worship, where it may violate religious freedoms.

The ban on covering the face in public places cannot constrain the practice of religious freedom in places of worship that are open to the public,” the council said in its judgement.



2 comments on “France: Constitutional Council approves burqa ban

  1. Laura says:

    What you heard at the University of Valladolid is nothing more than the result of cultural Relativism, that concept that pretends to defend the “rights of all people,” when they reality is that it seeks to destroy western democracies as a form of government. Democracies allow for free speech, a distinct outcome of Western thinking, and this runs contrary to totalitarian regime. What’s the first thing a totalitarian regime does? Stop freedom of expresion. What is very interesting is how the Left has used this Cultural Relativism to stop their impeding death, once the former USSR dissapeared. Like all terrorists, the Left has clothed itself with the “wrongs” of the world to seek justice while hiding their true motives. Cultural Relativism is another form of totaliarism, both akin to the Left.

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