Pakistan: Nine killed in teen suicide attack at Pakistan shrine

Two teenage suicide bombers blew themselves up at a Sufi shrine in Karachi killing nine worshippers, including two children, as Pakistan battles a new wave of Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked violence.

At least 64 people were also wounded in the attack late Thursday said Fayyaz Leghari, chief of police in Karachi, a teeming port city in the country’s south that is a maelstrom of communal and criminal violence.

He said 15 patients remain in a critical condition.

Provincial police surgeon Hamid Parhiar said his team found the heads and limbs of the two suicide attackers and said one was 14-years-old and the second was not older than 18.

“We have given their samples to the police for DNA tests in Islamabad,” said Parhiar.

The bombs exploded at the entrance of the shrine to Abdullah Shah Ghazi, a saint in the Sufi mystical strain of Islam, as devotees packed it for a weekly gathering in the city’s seaside Clifton district.


I wonder how these two children were convinced to commit suicide this way.


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