History: Lepanto

12,000 Christian slaves were freed after the battle. The Mediterranean was freed from Turkish-funded pirates.  Thanks to the Holy See, Spain, Venice, Genoa, Order of Malta and the Duke of Savoy.

As you would probably know, the Holy League was commanded by Don Juan de Austria, below.

Probably, you don’t know that in this battle, Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quijote de la Mancha, was hurt in a hand and was unable to use it for the rest of his life. He said that the battle had been the highest time the centuries saw.

Lastly, this day is Our Lady of the Rosary (for Catholics), named after this battle. In the Letanies of the Rosary, another one is added: Auxilium Christianorum, that is, the One that helps the Christians (oh, yes, please….).


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