Philippines: Terrorist group discovered "following the money"

Follow the Money | Maria Ressa’s Blog Site:

The name of this just discovered group is Al Intlaqah, which Philippine intelligence reports say means “the beginning” or “take-off.” Allegedly based in Saudi Arabia, authorities say it is affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Interestingly enough, it uses the same networks Al-Qaeda exploited in the Philippines in the past.

The discovery began last February after the Philippine National Police arrested two Jordanian nationals Khalil Hassan Al-Ali and Walid Abu Aishe. Their interrogation led to another arrest two weeks ago of Jordanian Mohammed Amro Amayin. These three men have been long-time residents of the Philippines. They have businesses like a recruitment agency and a restaurant.

So they seem to be what spies would call “sleepers.” They built lives in Manila – they married locally and are raising their families in the Philippines. They have also been linked by authorities to the 1995 cell used by World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and his uncle, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the architect of 9/11.

That cell was set up in the late 80’s to provide a financing network for the spread of radical ideology and terrorist tactics. For example, homegrown groups like the MILF, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, received money through that network, while Ramzi Yousef trained members of the extremist group, the Abu Sayyaf, in bomb-making (although Yousef would later complain to authorities they weren’t trainable because they knew nothing but guns.)

According to Philippine intelligence reports, Al Intlaqah is planning attacks targeting the US, British, Australian and Israeli embassies as well as a museum in the financial center Makati. Some newspaper reports quoted an official saying it included an assassination plot against Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but we found that the Arabic documents recovered by authorities did not support that claim. It merely planned surveillance of the presidential convoy. Perhaps they came to that conclusion by inference.

More alarming for authorities, the Arabic documents included 16 pages full of chemical formulas from a Palestinian bomb-making Web site authorities said was called Palintafada. It also included a plan to release someone named in the documents as “Laskar” – who authorities say they believe is Ahmad Santos, who lived and was radicalized in Saudi Arabia. He is also the head of the Rajah Solaiman Movement, an extremist group of Christian converts – which has all but been neutralized after his arrest.

Denmark: HuT tells followers not to "label themselves as Danish Muslims"

At its annual conference this weekend, Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir called on Muslims to be proud of their faith and not label themselves as Danish Muslims or French Muslims.

During the conference, themed on the Muslims’ role in the West, the message to Muslims was that their faith should be their identity. At the conference, Jaweed Yusuf, a member of the group, explained that it was their duty to call others to Islam, however difficult that might be and whatever consequences it might entail.

The group, which has been subject to controversy in Denmark, denied rumours that its members plan to run for parliamentary election, or that it supports the use violence to achieve its goals.

Found here.

Austria: both major parties include conservative headscarf-wearing women on their lists

Election Campaign with a Veil : Euro-Islam: News and Analysis on Islam in Europe and North America:

Both the Social Democratic Part of Austria (SPÖ) as well as the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), the two largest political parties of the country, have included conservative headscarf-wearing women on their electoral lists for the upcoming Viennese elections.
In both cases the women are so far down on the list that they are sure not become part of the new Viennese council; however, in the case of the SPÖ candidate Gülsüm Namaldi (right), her conservative religious views and support for Turkish-language education has attracted criticism. Meanwhile the leader of the Viennese ÖVP, Christine Marek, called for the “acceptance of the veil as a normal situation” in an interview with the migrant magazine “Biber,” in which she poses with ÖVP’s headscarf-wearing candidate, Sara Rahman (below).

Marek says: (Headscarf) is not an issue, whether they wear a headscarf or not. It has to be accepted as normal and we have done it.
An excerpt:

Mrs. Marek, you are a burqa ban, Sara, as you see it?

Marek: burqa and headscarf – these are really two different pairs of shoes.

Rahman: They are not only two different pairs of shoes, that’s such a big difference as that between winter boots and flip-flops. The burqa is not based on religion. It has traditionally played only a role in Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, I am against a burqa ban. The woman must decide for themselves.

Marek: I do a bit different. In Austria we’re used to be able to look in the face. Where a full concealment takes place, a limit is exceeded. I once had a woman who wore a Nikhab… That’s a strange feeling to see only the eyes. So such women have little chance to integrate, of course. Therefore, I am looking for a burqa ban. This is not the headscarf. If a woman wears a headscarf voluntarily, then we have to respect that.


You gotta be kidding me? I thought for sure the media would simply ignore this story, or even more likely, deny it, and call those of us who brought it up paranoid and insane.

Instead, they are admitting it, and calling it a tribute?

How long, oh Lord, how long?

From Atlas Shrugs:

Developers release renderings of controversial Park51 community center | The Upshot Yahoo! News (Hat tip J.C. Barile)
The developer behind the controversial Park51 Islamic cultural center has released the first official renderings of what the 16-story building will look like when built. The Islamic Center will have a sleek, modern design, and will be covered in hexagonal shapes that resemble a honeycomb.
However, as has been the case throughout the controversy surrounding the project, critics are finding other messages in the design plans. Conservative blogger Pam Geller, a leading foe of the project, has denounced the honeycomb design as a representation of “crashing Stars of David,” and described the design plan as “diabolically audacious.”
Other, less polemically-minded critics have interpreted the conceptual plans as a statement on the project’s broader interfaith message. Ed Pilkington, a writer for the UK Guardian, contends the structure’s Star of David echo is one among several design elements crafted consciously in “homage to other religions”; the overall effect of the drawings, he argues, is to render Park51 “decidedly upbeat and galmorous [sic]  building, more festive than threatening.” Meanwhile, a Park51 spokesman said through Twitter that the hexagons aren’t intended as any sort of reference to the Star of David, but rather come from an Arabic architecture technique called Mashrabiya.
Now the Jewish star is not a Jewish star? More Islamic falsifying of any other religions.
Here’s the image of the interior:
Ane here’s another interior view of the project:
(Photos: Soma architecture.)
Pastorius comment: I also want to point something else out. The other day, a reader was challenging me, commenting, “But Pastorius, all Islamic art, other than calligraphy, is geometric in design.”

This is true. 

Islamic art, according to Sharia law, may not be representational. Muslims may not draw pictures of human beings, birds, trees, mountains, or anything which is representative of any object in the real world.

So, almost by default, Islam has used geometric design as a platform and inspiration in its artwork.

Now, the problem with claiming that this Ground Zero Mosque design rests wholly within the tradition of the Islamic use of geometric form is this:

Islamic art is, in general, made of symmetrical geometric designs

The Ground Zero Mosque design, on the other hand, is asymmetrical in nature. It is absolutely un-Islamic in it’s aesthetic. It is purposefully Postmodern in style. It is chaotic by design, decadent, asymmetrical, anarchic and debauched in style.

Can anyone gaze at the design and see anything but calculated confusion?

The building looks like a building crumbling, because it is a tribute to two crumbling buildings. 

Simple as that.

It is not a tribute to the world’s religions. It is a tribute to the dissolution of the primary belief systems of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

And, of course, they threw in the Pentagons for good measure.

The Ground Zero Mosque design is a celebration of a culture in crisis. And, it is important to note, that when we speak of the design, we are speaking only of the facade. This building has a very noteworthy quirk as architecture. That is, it designed in such a way that it’s facade is dominant. As it is, we see nothing of the structure underneath. This is noteworthy, because it corresponds to the Imam Feisal Rauf’s stated Mission to the United States. 

You see, The Imam Rauf’s book was originally entitled “A Call To Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America.”

The facade of the building is meant to convey the same meaning as Rauf’s book; Islam will rise out of the rubble of Western Culture. The facade will crumble away, and the reality of Islam will be left standing there for all to see.

This is the closest thing to a Trojan Horse gift the modern world has ever seen.

We would be fools to accept it.

Blogosphere: Why Europe still doesn’t get Islam?

Sultan Knish a blog by Daniel Greenfield:

As Americans are blinded to the dangers of Islam by their experience with multiculturalism, Europeans are blinded to the dangers of Islam by their inexperience with multiculturalism. Both make the mistake of assuming that Islamic violence is part of the multicultural norm, rather than the resumption of an old invasion of Europe. The chaos and confusion in a multicultural society can make it hard to spot real threats against the background noise, frustrations and raw nerves of cultural friction. It becomes easy to lump in complaints about too many Indian restaurants, with complaints about angry mosque worshipers. And it becomes all too easy for authorities to tell people to just make the best of it, while ignoring the situation. The authorities are certain that eventually a natural balance will arise a generation or two down the road. The slow realization that the native born Muslims are actually more radicalized than their fathers and grandfathers is worrying them, but not in a particularly constructive way. Instead they are torn between England’s accommodation policies and France’s integration policies, neither of which get at the heart of the problem.

Debates over swimming classes or a radical mosque here and there are only the smaller branches of a fast growing tree. Because the problem is not merely cultural differences, those can be and have been accommodated. The problem is that Muslims believe that their way of life is morally superior, and that any system or institution that does not follow those laws, is invalid. Furthermore they believe that they have a duty to impose their laws on others in the name of their religion or honor.

Right on target. I don’t know what proportion or what is the number of Muslims who actually believe that, but certainly there is an important number who consider that they are morally superior.

MSM idiocy: Newsweek blames terrorist alert on "Anti-Islamist politicians"

You know, it’s better not to criticize Islamism, or else… some moron from the MSM is going to blame you from the disappearance of the dinosaurs: Newsweek Blames the Victim: Magazine Sees Anti-Islamist Politicians in Europe to Blame for Heightened Threats |

The State Department has issued a “travel alert” for Europe—underscoring the effect Muslim-bashing politicians have had on the terror threat on the continent,” reads the subheadline to an October 4 Newsweek story by Christopher Dickey and Sami Yousafzai.

They also add that Wilders wanted to provoke riots with Fitna and that French burqa ban is “gratuitous“.

US: Europe can be attacked Mumbai style.
Credible threat to Europe.
Sweden raises terrorism threat level.
Concern about terror cells’ being ready to strike in Europe.
Italy: Police arrests French national on terorrism charges – US issues travel warning.
8 German killed while receiving terrorist training
France: 9 arrested in terror probe.

Germany: conservative leaders reject President Wulff’s remarks about Islam

Conservatives slam Wulff for Islam remarks – The Local:

Leading conservative German politicians assailed President Christian Wulff on Tuesday for comments intimating Islam had gained a status comparable to Christianity and Judaism in Germany.

Wulff riled his fellow Christian Democrats by saying Islam had become an important part of German society in a speech commemorating the 20th anniversary of German reunification on Sunday.

While several Christian Democrats and their Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) allies grudgingly admitted Muslims had earned a place in Germany, they bristled at the idea they were changing the core social fabric of the country.

The speech was easily misunderstood,” CSU politician Norbert Geis told Bild on Tuesday. “If the president wanted to equate Islam in Germany with Christianity and Judaism, then I’d consider that wrong.”

Christian Democrat Wolfgang Bosbach, the head of parliament’s interior affairs committee, also said Islam could not expect to be put on the same level as the faiths based solely on the New and Old Testament.

Islam has certainly become part of the reality of daily life in Germany, but we belong to a Christian-Judeo tradition,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Muslim group has lauded Mr. Wulff for his stance. They said that he had made clear that Muslims weren’t second-class citizens.

Meanwhile, German magazine reports (DE) that angry citizens have written him to critizise the speech, rejecting it, and that a poll has shown that 66% of Germans don’t agree with those words.

Kenya: German linked to terrorism alarms authorities

Daily Nation: – News |Alarm as German linked to terror enters Kenya:

His whereabouts in the country are unknown and authorities are alarmed because he wrote a will before leaving Germany for Kenya, indicating that he was headed for Somalia and would not return alive.

….Part of the police report reads: “He is on transit to Somalia. He left a declaration will to his mother that he will never return alive.”

Kenyan police suspect the man was referring to suicide bombing and are worried because he did not specify his targets.

Police said the German Government sent a report on the man through its embassy in Nairobi. It describes the suspect as Caucasian, slim, 175 centimetres tall and with brown hair.

It goes on to say his eyes are blue, he wears size 43 shoes and weighs 68 kilogrammes.

Police have in vain been looking for him since he entered Kenya.

Somalia: NGOs warn about humanitarian crisis in refugee camps

NGOs warn of humanitarian crisis in Somalian refugee camps | World | Deutsche Welle | 05.10.2010:

The UNHCR used satellite technology to take a bird’s eye view of the refugee camps to be able to analyze their scope and register the refugees’ movement. The pictures from space reveal that the settlements were built hastily and without any form of coordination. They lack infrastructure and hospitals; waste water doesn’t get treated, and there are no schools for the children. The UNHCR, who published these satellite pictures on their web site, speak of a humanitarian crisis happening in the camps whose scope is worrying.

The worst thing, said Melissa Fleming, was that urgently needed help isn’t getting to the people. “The very difficult security situation makes it almost impossible for UNHCR and our partner agencies to operate in Mogadishu at all,” she said. This also applied to the Somali non-governmental organizations, who UNHCR are relying on to access the displaced people in the camps.

Related: Somalia’s ambulance workers risk death to rescue wounded; 20 dead in 3 days of fighting.