Spain: Burqa’d 18-year-old Sumaya can’t listen to music, her husband says

And of course, the burqa is not really bad, as it has holes to let the air in..

Anyway, I know why he doesn’t wear a burqa: he is so ugly I doubt really any woman in her senses would look at him. From Diario de

The black burqa hides the face of a young Moroccan, 18, called Sumaya. Sohaib sleeps in his arms. Her baby. He was born in Tudela, on Wednesday September 22nd, at five in the afternoon. Right of Sumaya, is Benaomar Rachid, 33, her husband. Rachid has not hesitated to answer this newspaper’s questions and explain why his wife has to live under a burka.
On Saturday, September 25, Said, 12, and his brother Hamza, 7, waited impatiently beside the gate that guards the village mosque. Said explains, the weekends, the Muslim children of the city and the region come to study the Koran and learn to read Arabic. Although Said was born in Morocco, is expressed with a local accent. What are you a journalist? Why do you want to interview the imam Mustafa?Said asks and answers a frantic pace. My father works on site. I want to be a policeman.” Hamsa is impatient at the delay of the magnet and starts throwing stones at the gate. It is showering,” says Said. He can not hear because the mosque is very large, has five doors,” apology to the magnet. The minutes pass. Said adds the release. This time, the stones fall inside a courtyard.

The interior is a ship enabled with two carpeted rooms, the largest for men’s prayers, on the other, for women’s. Villafranca’s neighbors believe that is one of the largest mosques in northern Spain. Across the walls are the desks and blackboard, where small study. It’s cold!” says Hamza. The minutes pass. The imam does not make an appearance. At that time, a Moroccan appears. Mohamed tells the boys that the magnet is traveling in Morocco, says he is managing his wife’s papers to bring. Hamsa Said and attentive listening and translating. Then, playing away to an irrigation canal. The journalist took the opportunity and asked the newcomer by Rachid Benaomar and his wife. They live in front of the Civil Guard barracks,” says Mohamed, “but he is not the imam,” corrected. 

The uneasiness among the residents of this town of three thousand inhabitants began in April. The locals could not believe it. They had just crossed the street with the silent pace of a “faceless woman“. And the concern evolved into fear and worry. The deputy mayor of Villafranca, Enrique Marín
San Miguel acknowledges that it surprised them. “Never before has there been a similar case despite the increase in Muslim population in the area which reaches now 22%,” he says. We are concerned. Do not know if this will go further. That woman lives in a prison. Do not you see the eyes. The municipalities can not prohibit the burqa. It should be done by the Government of Navarra.”
Is Rachid here?
He isn’t, says one of the children with a good Castilian accent.
When will he get here?

I do not know. He’s working, inside the house heard a few words in Arabic, they seem uttered by a woman. He is arriving now, says the boy.
A few minutes later, Rachid arrives by car. He’s sitting in the passenger seat. Mohamed, a friend,drives. Without getting off, he asks the reporter to enter the car and sit back. We apologize for the delay. “I have not much time,” he says with the palm of his hand on his chest.

Q: Villafranca’s neighbors say they’d known you for years.
A: Yes, I came to Spain 12 years ago. I live in Navarra since 2001. Sumaya came in April.
Q: How did you get?
A: By patera (that is, he entered Spain illegally).

Q: Do they think you have changed?
A: Yes, I was a young boy who came to Europe to improve life. Here I have experimented with almost everything, as usually young do, but that’s something that is between Allah and me, “he confesses. I was pursuing happiness and truth. To see if I could find it. I asked. Didn’t find it. I have lived in many parts of Spain. I was working in the field, had some money, car, home, women, but my heart wasn’t calm. I was not happy. It was empty. I was getting out much at night. I came to Navarre in 2001. That year some friends came to visit me and they told me it was a good boy, that religion should be respected. And I put it into practice. I spent the first few days praying and crying with happiness. I felt good with the world. I was at peace with myself.
Q: Speaking of peace … Your religion is related to terrorism
A: My religion forbids killing anyone.
Q: Why does Sumaya dress like that?
A: My wife wears a burka since before marrying me. In addition, it is said by the Qur’an, our holy book. There are two or three pages in the talk about women’s rights.
Women must be covered to go out.
Q: People think you force her to wear a burqa.
A: She dresses well because it says that the Koran. Forcing her to dress like that would not help. It would be false. She is the one that has to want this. I respect the Spanish culture, I have many Spanish friends. Why do people think that we forced them to cover his face? It is not serious.
Q: But the Qu’ran says nothing about the burka. According to Islamic tradition or Sunna (second source of Islam), it was the prophet who set the women of his harem to wear the veil as a sign of identity.
A: Yes, the Koran says it, Mohammed interrupted.
The prophet explains what the Koran says. I can not say – begins to drop verses from the Koran. You have to cover the woman’s neck, breasts … When a woman passes the first thing we look at is the face, eyes. So you have to cover the face.
Q: What is most important for you, the heart or the physical appearance?
A: The heart. But first, you always look the flesh of women. After that, the heart is the boss.
Q: So how can a man fell in love with a woman who is concealed by a burqa?
A: I went to visit my family in a city near Melilla and Sumaya was there in the house, covered with the burka. My sister asked me if I wanted to marry her. In my country, love knows no age difference. For a year, we just talked. Everything was fine. All I wanted she wanted it too.
Q: For a year your relationship went on without seeing the face of your wife?
A: My religion says that the first day you can see the hands and face of your future wife, then you can not date her until you get married, is prohibited. I returned to Spain to work. Until the wedding night, I never saw her again.
Q: Does she also wear it at home?
A: If she is with her family members, she can take it away.
Q:  Do you like your wife?
A:  I love her. I’m happy with her.
Q: Is she happy?
A: Of course. She has always worn it.

Q: Does your wife like her life in Navarra? What is the kind of life she leads here?
A: (He is silent) She is religious. She likes very much to read the Koran. We go to the mosque. I have brothers here who come to help.
She is with me.
Q:  Does Sumaya have any hobbies?

A: She likes to cook, especially fish and tortilla.
Q: And the music?
A: No. .. she can not hear music.
It’s prohibited because most of the songs express bad words.
Q: Do you walk together down the street?
A: When I was pregnant almost every day. Yes, arm in arm.
Q: Isn’t Sumaya lacking nature’s experience with all senses? For example, fresh air in the face
A: The burka has small holes. The air can enter through them.
For example, if we are in the country alone, she goes behind and discovers herself.
Q: Can she go out alone?

A: (He doubts for a few seconds.) If she wants to buy something, of course she can, but must be accompanied by her husband, father or son when she travels. The husband is the one who orders here. We are those who bring money home. In our religion we all have our work. And our women are to be at home. They have to explain to our children the religion. So we leave our wives at home.
Q: Do you think the burqa or veil allows Muslims to integrate into Europe?
A: I traveled a lot. I know and respect all cultures. I respect a woman if she wants to go without clothes, but if a woman wants to be coated, her will should be respected too. So far in Navarra, they respect us. We are calm.
Q: How about banning the burka?
A: It goes against the rights of women.
Q: What if one day it’s forbidden here?
A: We would go immediately. We would go back to our country.
Q: What if your wife decides one day not to wear it anymore?
A: I would’t not forbid it. She does this for god, not for me. I’m just her husband. I respect her.
Q: The Qur’an permits polygamy.
A: The Quran allows many things but I can not ...
Rachid terminates the interview. He has to cut his child’s hair, as it’s said in the Qu’ran it’s necessary to mark the birth of a baby. He must also sacrifice a few lambs in his honor. On Tuesday the kill will take place. I ask to take a photo of them. At first, Rachib disapproves it. There are people at home. He thinks for a few seconds. Then he agreeds. Wait a minute.” He enters the house. Then he comes out. “You can now”. The joy is gone. Where are the children?“. In the room there’s nobody left. The burka is black. It covers her entire body. The hands also are hidden by black gloves. Sumaya doesn’t even utter a word.

In the comments’ section, some commenters say that she always goes behind her husband and that if the latter stops to speak to someone, she just stops too, but at a distance, as if she thought she was meddling in other people’s business, and never utters a word.

US: Time Square bomber gets life sentence


The Pakistani immigrant who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison, a mandatory penalty that left him defiant as ever and the judge who sentenced him determined to send a message to anyone who might want to follow in his path.

Faisal Shahzad came to court to tell Americans he felt no remorse about his May 1 bombing attempt, and he sparred with U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum.

Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun,” Shahzad said just before gettig six life sentences.

Apparently he became “radicalised” after he obtained his US citizenship, so he went to Pakistan to be trained.

Background: Have you seen this man?

France: 9 arrested in terror probe


Police arrested nine people and seized guns and ammunition in southern France in anti-terrorism raids, sources close to the investigations said on Tuesday.
Police made the arrests on Tuesday morning in the southern port city of Marseille and the nearby town of Avignon, the sources told AFP.
They seized “some weapons, including a Kalashnikov (rifle) and a pump-action shotgun, as well as ammunition,” said one official close to the investigation.
In a separate operation also on Tuesday, French police arrested three men after finding their numbers in the mobile phone of a man of Algerian origin who was arrested at the weekend in Italy allegedly with a bomb-making kit.
Two of those suspects were arrested in the southern city of Marseille and the third in Bordeaux in the southwest, said a police source. Officials stressed that the two sets of arrests were not linked.
In the second raid, the three men’s phone numbers were found in the phone of Ryad Hannouni, who was picked up Saturday close to the central train station in the Italian city of Naples allegedly carrying a bomb-making kit.
The 28-year-old, for whom a European arrest warrant had been issued, was to be extradited to France, ANSA news agency said.

US: Europe can be attacked Mumbai style.
Credible threat to Europe.
Sweden raises terrorism threat level.
Concern about terror cells’ being ready to strike in Europe.Italy: Police arrests French national on terorrism charges – US issues travel warning.
8 German killed while receiving terrorist training

Spain: counter-terrorism report alerts about possible suicide attacks

La Gaceta:

The process started months ago with the arrival of former Islamist prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. But we must add to that, the continued rise of Salafism as a doctrine which is gaining in significance throughout the Spanish geography. Moreover, the threat is seriously affected by the release of jihadist prisoners, not just those who have served time in Spain, but of those who are acquitted following their arrest for acts related to jihadist activity, “says a report by the responsible for fighting terrorism.

Those acquitted by the High Court the report refers to are Spanish national Gonzalo López Royo (aka “salaam1420”, above) and Morocccan Fath Allah Sadaqa, arrested by the Guardia Civil after finding that these two men ennobled Islamic jihad over the Internet. The Third Division of the High Court, presided by Judge Alfonso Guevara and speaker Gregorio Ruiz Polanco, recognized as a fact that “the statements made by the two defendants were intended as a tribute to a Chechen guerrilla militant, devoting their website to all Muslims who die and suffer at the hands of the infidels, the desire to transform Spain again in Caliphate (and) their call for jihad and martyrdom (…) The accused Fath Allah Sadaqa uploaded to Youtube two videos, one with reference to three leaders of Al Qaeda, and another image of an attack against a U.S. vehicle in Iraq. “
The resolution of last June 21st, resolved to acquit both accused of “the crime of praising terrorism and contempt for the victims of terrorism with all the inherent favorable pronouncements such absolution has. 
The police report also warns about the possibility of suicide bombings in Spain, “in time and place unknown.” It also clarifies that Spanish police has succeded in thwarting them by now “thanks to international collaboration, specially due to information generated in the heart of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)“. Here, experts make a review of terrorist events in our country that demonstrate the Islamic penetration at all levels that we are facing now.

About the rise and establishment of Salafism in our territory, we must mention the holding of a congress of the Islamist ideology in the town of Salt (Gerona) on days 24 to 28 June under the theme “Youths’ import and their importance in society”(…) (left, Salafist imam, Abdelwahab Houzi, from Lérida conducting Ramadan service). Another Salafi Muslim meeting took place in Torredembarra (Tarragona), and one in Santa Coloma de Gramanet. As for the movement Tabligh Al Dawa (“Spread the Call”), a missionary radical movement from the Indo-Pakistan area, held a mashura (meeting, in Arabic) in Torre Pacheco (Murcia) in June this year “.

That same month, a group of eight members of that organization visited the mosque in Alicante, where they performed work of indoctrination. Then they went to the mosque in the neighborhood of La Palmilla in Malaga, where they developed work of proselytism and recruitment. Afterwards, they went to the Islamic Center of Alguanzas in Murcia, to exercise their special ministry.

The attitude of the imam of Cartagena’s mosque doesn’t go unnoticed to the report. He was bothered (and acted accordingly) by prostitute because of their profession and the shops surrounding the mosque who sell alcohol to his parishioners.

The report continues examining the activities of Moroccan Islamic party Justice and Charity, which, according to this police report, “is to rent premises for its various offices, such as seems to occur in Tarragona, where they rented one with an approximate area of 800 square meters, with a option to buy it later “.

The proliferation of web pages containing fundamentalist views is unstoppable in our country. One of them is the one set up by the Islamic Liberation Party (HUT), “which has shown interest in expansion, with plenty of links that refer to different websites and forum ratings where participants are advised of an alleged infiltration Western security services. This communication system is a useful tool for information exchange for the global community of Al Qaeda“.

Also the counterterrorism officials are paying special attention to the appearance in our country’s media of Moroccan-linked website XXI Century, which is “published in Spanish weekly. The director is Said Ida Hassan, described as a faithful defender of the Moroccan government“. Its publication has a circulation of 15,000 copies. 

The report contains an exam under the heading of “High risk against any Spanish interest” in North Africa and Sahel, of the situation in the are. It says that “the risk of kidnappings of Westerners” has increased and that there is a “maintained level of insecurity in the region. Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the offensive is still significant jihadist groups in response to military actions in both countries and the U.S.. Population and international interests are under threat throughout the region“.

Regarding other possible terrorist groups from these two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan) which are active in Spain, the report says: “As for the Asian groups, it is important to note that the presence in Spain of members belonging to terrorist groups from the Afghan-Pakistan axis continues to be reported, while pointing out that their activity focuses mainly on logistics and / or financing activities logically related to common crime. “

However, terrorist groups from the Maghreb are the most investigated ones by agents of counter-terrorism and so it’s acknowledged in their report: “North African groups remain the most investigated in the context of terrorist activity. It is significant that along with the usual geographical origin of the majority, mainly North Africans, are still significant cases arising in the Sahelian belt, as Mauritanian and Mali, and even countries located in central and eastern Africa. “

Islamic moral police in action.
Italian prosecutors’s report shows AQIM recruitment.
Salafist imam charged for coercing a woman to wear the hijab
Spanish national defends before a judge that “Mujaheedins can never be terrorists”.
Dangers of locating mosques in industrial areas.

PS: The forum post says:
Al-Andalus is Islamic land.
It’s leadered by Kuffars, but with a legislation in a land which is as Islamic as Cairo or Baghdad.
This concept can’t go out of our sight.
Al-Andalus is not the same as France, the UK or the USA. THIS is already a Muslim land, won by the Muslims (looks like they won it in the lotto, or something..) and once a land is Islamic, it’s Islamic for ever. The facts that happened after that doesn’t matter.
What is true is that Muslims are beginning here a time of rebirth that has to allow us to build an Islamic society in this our land“.

Netherlands: Geert Wilders on trial


The Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has gone on trial in Amsterdam accused of inciting hatred against Muslims.

Mr Wilders, whose statements have included comparing the Koran with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, told the court freedom of expression was on trial.

If found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

Mr Wilders’ Freedom Party is the third biggest in the Netherlands after June’s elections, and is expected to play a key role in the next parliament.

Prosecutors have brought five charges of inciting hatred and discrimination, and the trial will scrutinise statements he made between 2006 and 2008.

Wilders’ speech:

Muslims in the UK openly call for Wilders’ murder (just as a reminder…):

Afghanistan: 8 German killed while receiving terrorist training

AOL News:

A U.S. missile killed five German militants taking shelter in a house in northwest Pakistan on Monday, intelligence officials said.

The attack hit a house in North Waziristan. That region has been named as the source of a European terror plot that has prompted American authorities to issue a travel advisory. One or more German citizens are reported to be linked to the plot.

The missile strike took place in the town of Mir Ali, a known hub for foreign militants with links to al-Qaida.

Two officers said the five victims were believed to be German citizens in the region for terrorist training.

While afterwards the numbers of terrorists killed increased, at first, it was reported that there were 8 terrorists killed, while 5 are German. But later it has been reported that all 8 were German nationals and that it was them who sparked the terror alert in Europe.


Germany: Video shows German jihadists in Afghanistan.
Prosecutors probing more terror suspects
Defense Minister considers dialog with “moderate” Taliban.
Guttemberg: Afghanistan will never be model Western democracy
Country shocked by Taliban ambush: Defense Minister speaks about “Afghan war”.

About recent European terrorist plot:

US: Europe can be attacked Mumbai style.
Credible threat to Europe.
Sweden raises terrorism threat level.
Concern about terror cells’ being ready to strike in Europe.
Italy: Police arrests French national on terorrism charges – US issues travel warning.

Italy: Husband kills wife because she opposed their daughter’s arranged marriage

They were Pakistani immigrants. Telegraph:

The daughter, 20-year-old Nosheen Butt, was admitted to hospital with a cranial traumatism and a broken arm after her 19-year-old brother beat her with a stick in the courtyard of their building in Novi, near the north Italy city of Modena.

According to Modena prosecutors’ initial findings, the father Ahmad Khan Butt, a 53-year-old construction worker, threw his wife to the ground and beat her with a brick while the brother Umair attacked his sister.
The victim did not want her daughter to have an unhappy relationship like the one that had been forced on her,” said deputy Modena prosecutor Lucia Musti, who is in charge of the investigation.
The mother and the daughter were on the same side and this could be called a ‘cultural’ homicide because in addition to domestic violence there is the issue of the traditions that may have motivated the crime,” Ms Musti said.
The family’s three other children have been taken in by Italian social services.
The Italian political class reacted with indignation at the incident which was highly similar to the cases of a girl of Pakistani origin in 2006 and a Moroccan girl in 2009 who wanted to lead Western lives with Italian boyfriends.

According to Italian portal ADNKronos, the father didn’t like his daughter’s Western ways and that she had rebelled against his wishes. Among other reactions:

The Minister for Equal Opportunities, Mara Carfagna, asked to be admitted in the civil trial. This is another way to be close to the young immigrant women, to understand that our country is with them every time they see injured freedom and the right to be free citizens,” said the minister. Whoever does violence and abuse against women, even those who think to can dispose of their lives, can not and should not be welcomed in our country, as Italy rejects and rejects any form of abuse by a decision of men over women. And not surprisingly, we severely punish those who, whether they are Italian or not, is guilty of such crimes. There are no ethnic, religious or “father’s delusions’ alibis or excuses of any class (for ths violence). “
From the Union of Islamic Organizations and Communities in Italy (UCOII) in fact the vice president Patrizia Khadijha Del Monte recalled that “no compulsion marriage can never be justified as coming from Islam. The more pure and proper Muslim tradition – she said –. ” The Muslim leader Emilian says that “Islamic jurisprudence, for its part has established that the choice was sine qua non condition for the legitimacy of the marriage.”
Well, there are so many misunderstanders of Islamic mores and jurisprudence that is striking.

Afghanistan: "Taliban are infiltrating Afghan forces", former UN official says


The Taliban have infiltrated the Afghan army and police, a recently-retired United Nations official has warned.
Taliban flag

Dr Antonio Maria Costa, former head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said Taliban sleeper cells had been set up inside the security forces.

They had already carried out a number of attacks and were planning further attacks on Nato-led troops, he said.

A spokesman for the coalition forces said infiltration was a rare problem and most Afghan troops were loyal.

Dr Costa’s comments come as the coalition is preparing to hand over control of the country’s security to Afghan forces by 2014, the BBC’s Gerry Northam reports.

Meeting the handover target in four years requires 141,000 new recruits to be found within a year – more than the current size of the Afghan army.

There are fears that the Taliban are taking the opportunity to enlist insurgents into the ranks.

“We have plenty of evidence we had a number of suicide attacks carried out by people who had been in the army, trusted because they were affiliated,” Dr Costa told the BBC.

Spanish TV publishes video of Spanish base (Qala-i-Naw)’s terrorist attack. The attack was carried out by an Afghan police member, linked with the Taliban.
Spanish TV publishes video of Spanish base attacked after Taliban terrorist attack.