Spain: judge releases Dehbi, forbids him to go abroad

Judge Santiago Pedraz yesterday released Dehbi Mohamed Omar, a US citizen of Algerian origin, was arrested Monday in Esplugues (Barcelona), accused of funding Al Qaeda.
The magistrate heard evidence and accepted his explanation: that there were no recorded movements in his bank accounts which could prove that he has funded Islamic terrorism. The judge takes into account that banks “have not informed, despite their legal obligation” about those movements. Also the detainee admitted that he had known Taufik Mizi, wanted for collaborating with Al Qaeda, for nearly25 years and lent him €1,600 to buy clothes. He added that he severed all relations with him when he learned about Mizi’s terrorist links. Despite these statements, the Judge has however imposed Dehbi the obligation of presenting himself daily in a police station and has forbidden him to go abroad.

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