Somalia: Al-Shabab executes 2 girls; town horrified

The two accused spies died amid a fusillade of bullets from a firing squad organized by a hardline Islamist militia. The condemned pair were only girls, aged 15 and 18, and their grieving relatives say they were uneducated, usually stayed at home and could not have spied for anyone.

Horrified residents of the town of Belet Weyne, in western Somalia, were forced to watch the execution by al-Shabab on Wednesday. One woman fainted as the girls were gunned down by 10 masked executioners. Continue reading

Sweden: police arrest suspects in terrorist bomb threat

Police in western Sweden on Saturday said that ‘several arrests’ have been made in connection with a terrorist bomb threat in the city of Gothenburg.

Police declined to specify how many suspects were detained, but said raids were conducted early Saturday at several locations in the Gothenburg area.

Details of the threat or possible motive were not disclosed, but it was labelled as terrorism. Citing the ongoing probe, police said they had no plans to release further details.

Local media reports suggested that the target had likely been a large shopping mall in the centre of the city.

via Swedish police arrest suspects in terrorist bomb threat – Monsters and Critics.

Sweden: Govt raises terror alert level.
Sweden: two men charged for plotting terror attacks.
Sweden: police detain Turkish man wanted by Belgium on suspicion of terrorism.

Iraq: Gunmen take church-goers hostage after killing 2 at stock exchange

Gunmen have entered a church in Baghdad and taken the worshippers inside as hostages, police officials told CNN on Sunday.

Iraqi security forces have sealed off the area surrounding the Sayidat al-Nejat church, the officials said. They do not know how many people are inside. At least 13 hostages, including two children, managed to escape, police said.

The gunmen are demanding that the Iraqi government release a number of detainees and prisoners inside Iraqi prisons, saying the Christian hostages will be freed in return, according to the police officials. Continue reading

Maldives: police arrest “celebrant” of degrading “vows exchange”

The Maldives Police Service have arrested two men involved in the infamous ‘wedding’ ceremony at Vilu Reef Resort and Spa, in which the ‘celebrant’ and up to 15 complicit members of staff degrade and humiliate a Swiss couple in Dhivehi. (And the other 15 members who were “complicit”?)

One of the men arrested was identified as Hussein Didi, a food and beverage assistant at the resort who acted as celebrant and who was filmed unleashing a torrent of hateful abuse at the oblivious couple.

Under Maldivian law non-Muslims are not permitted to marry in the Maldives, but many resorts offer ‘renewal of vows’ ceremonies. (You can’t also be a citizen of the Maldives if you’re a non-Muslim, according to article 9 of the Constitution).

The court decided yesterday that [the men] should be kept in police custody during the investigation,” said Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

The men have not yet been formally charged, “but this is a very serious issue related to our economy,” Shiyam said. “Once we complete the investigation the Prosecutor General’s Office will decide the charges.”

via Police arrest ‘celebrant’ as President expresses disgust over false wedding ceremony | Minivan News.

So, how many other couples have been mocked during “vows exchange” ceremony? Because this is not (clearly) the first time this happens: this is the first time that the MSM have picked the story, something which is somewhat different. They haven’t arrested this guy because of the evident humiliation of the tourists, but because foreign MSM have seen how tourists are seen there, with the possible problems to the tourism’s industry.

Video: Dream wedding Swiss pair humiliated at Maldives ceremony.

Choudary speaks about “World Wide Sharia Law”


They may say something to you in front of CNN, but I can assure you that behind your backs they are standing with their Muslim brothers and sisters saying: We hope the Americans and the British are pushed out of our countries and we can implement the Sharia.

…You withdraw your troops, stop supporting the pirate State of Israel and then perhaps we can have a dialogue and discussion.

Does the work of a Muslim includes imposing Sharia Law on everyone who is not a Muslim, including Americans?

Look: the Sharia Law is the divine law sent by god to the final messenger prophet Mohammed… It would take manking out of the shackles of man-made law, into the perfection and beauty of divine law, so I want that everywhere. I want Sharia Law everywhere. Surely it’s a very noble thing to invite someone to a superior way of life… I believe the Americans and the British have been living under the darkness and oppression of man-made law for many decades…. But in fact, when people look at Islam, when they look at the Sharia, they will see it has a solution for every single problem that is facing America and Britain nowadays...

Mr. Choudary, are you communicating with inv¡dividuals within the USA and encouraging them to participate in attacks of this sort?

Of course I am. You know, I am participating and communicating with people all around the world….

Mr. Choudary, based upon your answer, I believe, and I believe many prosecutors were listening to your answer, you violate US Law, you deserve to be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for the rest your life”.

Geee 😆

NOTE: I have not copied all the video’s content, but I believe that is enough.

Yemen: woman arrested over explosives sent by UPS

This is an update on this story:

Yemeni security forces arrested on Saturday a woman thought to be involved in sending explosive packages headed to the United States after surrounding a house where she was hiding in the capital Sanaa, a security official said.

…Napolitano told CNN on Saturday that the parcel bombs appeared to include the same explosives used in the Christmas Day attempted attack, pentaerythritol trinitrate, or PETN.

…The device found on a U.S.-bound cargo plane at a British regional airport was “viable” and could have brought down an aircraft if it had exploded, British Home Secretary May said on Saturday. Continue reading

Nigeria: weapons’ cargo came from Iran

This is an update on this story:

French-based shipping group CMA CGM said it had been the victim of a false cargo declaration and that the weapons and ammunitions were in sealed containers which had been declared as “packages of glass wool and pallets of stone”.

….”The shipment in question was booked as a ‘shipper’s owned container’ and supplied loaded and sealed by the shipper, an Iranian trader who does not appear on any ‘forbidden persons’ listing,” CMA CGM said in a statement.

The containers were loaded in Bandar Abbas and discharged in Lagos in July,” it said, adding it was cooperating fully with local and international agencies investigating the shipment.

Israeli media reports, citing Israeli defence officials, have suggested the weapons may have been destined for Hamas Islamists in Gaza and that a new smuggling route was being tested. Israel’s foreign ministry has declined to comment.

…The weapons shown to journalists in Lagos this week included 107mm rockets, designed to attack static targets and used by armies to support infantry units. Security experts say they have also been used by groups including the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

…The French shipping firm said the shipper had requested that the containers be re-loaded and shipped to Gambia, further round the West African coast, and that it had obtained customs documents and clearance for the voyage.

via Weapons seized in Nigeria \’came from Iran\’ – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

US: Sharia Islamic Law May Be Banned in Oklahoma

Good news. Less problems Oklahoma residents are going to have.

Voters in Oklahoma next week will be asked to consider an unusual ballot measure: whether the state’s constitution should be amended to outlaw Sharia, the sacred law of Islam.

Click here to read an LA Times article on the measure.

Supporters of the initiative to ban Sharia, the Times reports, concede that they do not know of a single case of Sharia being used in the Sooner State, which has about 15,000 Muslims.

Oklahoma does not have that problem yet,” said Republican state Rep. Rex Duncan, who authored the ballot measure “But why wait until it’s in the courts?

Some conservative activists, LAT reports, contend that the U.S. is at risk of going the way of Europe, which has a larger Muslim population and allows various accommodations to Islamic religious law.

Islamic groups counter that the Oklahoma initiative is merely an effort to stigmatize their religion in order to try to muster votes. “There’s no threat of Sharia law coming to Oklahoma and America, period,” Saad Mohammed of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City told the LA Times. “It’s just a scare tactic.”

via Sharia Islamic Law May Be Banned in Oklahoma – Law Blog – WSJ.

More about this vote here.

Malawi: students’ Bible desecration could signal new Muslim militancy, priest worries

Reacting to Muslim primary school students’ desecration of Bibles in Malawi earlier this month, a local priest said that their vehement reaction is novel and a sign that militancy is a possible danger.

Representatives of the Gideons Bible organization had offered a Catholic primary school in a predominant Muslim area free copies of the New Testament, the local parish priest Fr. Medrick M. Chimbwanya told the Germany-based Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). Although the school had made it clear that no Bibles were to be given to the Muslim pupils and that no one was obliged to take a copy, some Muslim youths created an uproar.

They tore up the Bibles, threw them at their teachers and then threw torn pages on the streets. Some of the students denounced the Bible distribution to their religious leaders as an “insult to Islam” and claimed that they had been forced to accept a Bible.

In the days after the incident, Catholics feared violent attacks from Muslim groups, Fr. Chimbwayna reported.

The behavior of the youths has been an indicator of a danger in our midst. Normally, the primary school youth in Malawi would not have the courage of tearing up any book in the presence of their teacher, let alone a Holy Book,” he said. “My conclusion is that there must be some awful training given to these youths which if left unchecked, means that we may have dangerous militants in Malawi in the near future.”

via Malawi students’ Bible desecration could signal new Muslim militancy, priest worries :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).


According to 2007 estimates, approximately 80% of the population is Christian, with the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian making up the largest Christian groups. There are also smaller numbers of Anglicans, Baptists, evangelicals and Seventh-day Adventists. Around 13% of the population is Muslim, with most of the Muslim population being Sunni, of either the Qadriya or Sukkutu groups. Other religious groups within the country include Jews, Rastafarians, Hindus and Baha’is. Atheists make up around 4% of the population, although this number includes people who practice traditional African religions.[40]
Islam in Malawi.

Gaza: Big rally by Islamic Jihad, joined by Hamas

Tens of thousands of supporters of the militant Islamic Jihad movement rallied in the streets of Gaza on Friday, chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Young men and boys wearing white T-shirts with a slogan in the shape of a rifle bore portraits of militants killed in combat, under the black flags of Islamic Jihad. Continue reading

Iran: Khamenei’s speech in Qom

Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Image: Wikipedia)

This week, for the first time in a decade, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has started his visit to the city of Qom, the heart of the Iranian Shi’ite religious establishment. The visit takes place amidst reports highlighting tensions between Khamenei and religious establishment leaders over his Islamic juridical qualifications and as reformist clerics increasingly challenge his political leadership following the crisis that broke out after the last presidential election.

Early during his visit, the Supreme Leader gave a speech to the numerous citizens who came to welcome him in which he strongly criticized Iran’s enemies, saying they sought to denigrate its citizens’ religious faith, the key to Iranian success. He noted that even though the enemies attempted to sever the bond between the Iranian public and the regime, the participation of 40 million Iranians in the last presidential election showed the public’s support for the regime and Islam. The enemy’s scheme failed, and the riots that broke out after the election made Iran immune to the “social and political microbes” that threatened it. He added that, using the media, Iran’s enemies are trying to promote two ideas: Islam without clerics, and separation between religion and politics. Referring to the sanctions imposed on Iran, Khamenei said they are designed to increase pressure on the Iranian people and create a disconnect between the people and the government; however, the citizens know how to handle economic sanctions, which will therefore have no effect on their lives (Fars, October 19)

via Spotlight on Iran.

Just read again what ideas are so rejectable for Khamenei and then read this. Till Islam doesn’t distinguish between politics and religion, its potential as a totalitarian ideology won’t disappear, as we can see both in Iran and in Saudi Arabia.

Terror: France hands over Afghan district, after Bin Laden’s “warning”

Osama Bin Laden has reportedly tied the kidnapping of five French people in Niger to France’s treatment of its Muslim minority.

An audio message said to have been recorded by the al-Qaeda leader says the abduction was retaliation for “France’s injustice to Muslims”.

It says forthcoming French curbs on the full veil are “colonial oppression”.

The speaker identified as Bin Laden also tells France to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

…The speaker on the recording, broadcast by Qatar-based satellite TV channel al-Jazeera, says the kidnapping was “in retaliation for [France’s] tyranny… against [the] Muslim nation”. (sic) Continue reading

Suspicious items checked on 2 cargo planes

A U.S. official says authorities are investigating whether a string of suspicious packages was a dry run for a plot to send bombs through the mail.A suspicious package containing a toner cartridge with wires and powder was found during routine screening of cargo in the United Kingdom, prompting authorities to scour three planes and a truck in the United States on Friday.

Plane Bomb Alert in the UK

Searches were conducted in Philadelphia, Newark, N.J., and New York City, but no explosives were found. All the packages believed to be suspicious came from Yemen and were being sent via UPS.

Yemen is the home of the al-Qaida branch that claimed responsibility for an attempted bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner on Christmas. Continue reading

Iran: Son and lawyer of condemned women ‘tortured’

The son and lawyer of a woman sentenced to death in Iran for adultery and helping kill her husband have been tortured in prison, according to the International Committee Against Stoning (ICAS) and the International Committee Against Executions (ICAE), two associated human rights groups.

Sakineh's son, Sajjah Ghaderzade

According to a statement on the ICAS website, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani‘s son Sajjad Ghaderzade (photo) and lawyer Javid Hutan Kian have been tortured since being arrested earlier this month.

“According to information obtained by the International Committees against stoning and executions, Sajjad, the son of Sakineh and Houtan Kian, her lawyer, are subjected to pressure and severe torture in a prison of Tabriz,” the statement said. Continue reading

Nigeria’s secret police intercept weapons shipment

A large shipment of weapons has been seized by Nigeria’s State Security Service at the port in Lagos city.

The secret police say they intercepted 13 containers, some of which had rocket launchers and grenades and other explosives hidden under tiles.

The authorities have said they cannot say who owned the containers or their intended destination.

But correspondents say the discovery has increased fears of possible violence during next year’s elections.

…Only a small part of the arsenal was shown to the media, she says, but it was enough to worry security experts.

They identified the artillery rockets as Norinco rockets – a type used by the Taliban in Afghanistan – suitable for high-intensity warfare.

via BBC News – Nigeria’s secret police intercept weapons shipment.

Nigerian police is worried: were these weapons for the Islamist sect Boko Haram (Western education is sin), about which T&P has also posted in the past?

Malaysia: Women Group Gets To Keep ‘Islam’ In Name

A prominent Malaysian women’s group won the right to keep the word “Islam” in its name Friday after a court ruled against religious activists critical of the group’s opinions on women’s rights.

The High Court struck out an application by the Malaysian Assembly of Muslim Youths, which demanded that Sisters in Islam change its name because it was allegedly misleading people to believe that the group speaks for all Muslims, said Ratna Osman, program manager of the women’s group.

The court sided with Sisters in Islam’s argument that the activists had no legal standing to challenge the name.

Sisters in Islam, one of this Muslim-majority country’s most well-known nongovernment groups, has often upset conservative Muslims by questioning the enforcement of Malaysian Islamic Shariah laws, including those that allow the caning of women for offenses such as consuming alcohol.

Many Muslim groups say Sisters in Islam misinterprets religious principles, highlighting a divide between Muslims who demand strict enforcement of Islamic morality laws and others who worry about religious intolerance.

The High Court’s decision Friday was “a positive step toward ensuring that freedom of expression as guaranteed under the federal Constitution is upheld,” Ratna of Sisters in Islam said in a statement.

If Malaysia truly wants to take the global leadership in promoting moderation in Islam, then the first steps must be taken at home to protect the democratic space for debate and differences of opinion,” Ratna said.

via Malaysia Women Group Gets To Keep ‘Islam’ In Name – CBS News.

Yep,they are right. And these are good news indeed. If Muslim people begin questioning Sharia Law, the path to a “secular” Islam can be built. I agree it’s difficult, specially because I doubt clerics, scholars and imams are very interested in losing power, but it’s something to begin with.

Video: Dream wedding Swiss pair humiliated at Maldives ceremony

In Maldives there is an ongoing Islamization process, described in The Dhivehistan Report. In its Constitution citizenship is denied to non-Muslims (Article 9, Section D : “a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives”). So everybody can understand the reason of this behaviour. Continue reading

Answering Islamists’ accusations against Copts

T&P has already covered the false accusations that Islamists have done against Coptic Christians.

All of these accusations are as inapplicable to the Coptic Church as they are applicable to Islamists. Let us first examine the context of these charges:

Abducting and torturing female Muslim converts from Christianity.” Context: The wife of a Coptic priest, Camelia Shehata, was reportedly kidnapped by Islamists, but then returned to her family. In response, Islamist leaders began saying that she had willingly run away and converted to Islam, and, in fact, has been “re-kidnapped” by the Coptic Church, which has trapped her in a monastery where she is being “tortured” and “re-indoctrinated” to Christianity.

In fact, the opposite scenario — kidnapping Christian women and forcing them to convert to Islam — is a well documented and a notorious phenomenon in Egypt. So now the Coptic Church is being accused of behaving identically — not just kidnapping, but torturing, brainwashing, and forcing women to convert. Moreover, the fact that Camelia has appeared on video fervently affirming her Christian faith and denying that she ever converted to Islam has been ignored, no doubt because Islam’s ingrained notion of taqiyya, or dissimulation, is also being projected onto the Copts. Finally, Muslims’ own sharia law mandates that Muslim women who try to leave the faith must be incarcerated and tormented until they return to Islam, such as in the recent case of Nagla Imam.

Stockpiling weapons in monasteries and churches to carry out war against Muslims.” Context: On September 15, leading Islamic figure Dr. Muhammad Salim al-Awwa appeared on Al Jazeera, and, in a wild tirade, accused the Copts of “stocking arms and ammunition in their churches and monasteries”— imported from Israel, no less, as “Israel is in the heart of the Coptic Cause” — and “preparing to wage war against Muslims.” He warned that if nothing is done, the “country will burn,” inciting Muslims to “counteract the strength of the [Coptic] Church.” Awwa further charged that Egypt’s security forces cannot enter the monasteries to investigate for weapons (an amazing assertion, considering that Coptic monasteries are not only at the mercy of the state, but easy prey to Islamist attacks, with monks tortured and crucifixes spat on).

Needless to say, such charges are unjustified: in a nation and society where Islam is supreme; where sharia law (which mandates subjugation for non-Muslims via Koran 9:29) is part of the Constitution; where Copts have been conditioned over centuries to be happy just being left alone — is it reasonable to believe that these selfsame, downtrodden Christians, who make up 12%-15% of the population, are planning a violent takeover of Egypt? It is easy to see, however, why such charges resonate with Muslims; after all, Islamists are constantly arming and stockpiling weapons — a Koranic charge — including in mosques, as they prepare to violently seize power across the nations, with Egypt being an especially coveted target. Ironically, Awwa himself ceded that “Muslims are arrested every day [in Egypt] for extremism and the possession of arms.”

Planning to divide Egypt to create a Coptic State.” Context: In a closed conference, Coptic Bishop Bishoy had the temerity to acknowledge history: “Muslims are guests in this country, Christians are the original residents. Prior to the Arab invasion of Egypt, which took place in the seventh century, the majority of Egypt’s population was Christian.” As usual, this otherwise historically accurate observation has enraged Muslims, been denounced by Al Azhar, and cited as “proof” that the Copts seek to divide Egypt and establish their own state.

It is actually Muslim minorities who habitually try to secede from non-Muslim countries, whether by creating their own nations (Pakistan), or creating enclaves in the West. The notion of separating from the infidel is commanded in the Koran (e.g., 3:28, 4:89, 4:144, 5:54, 6:40, 9:23, and 58:22), codified in the doctrine of wala wa bara, and imprinted on the Muslim psyche. Unsurprisingly, then, Muslims have come to project this divisive impulse onto the Copts as well.

Read it all.

India: man who chopped off blasphemer’s hand, wins election

Christian lecturer TL Joseph

Contesting from prison, an accused in the sensational case of chopping off the hand of Thodupuzha Newman college lecturer TJ Joseph, has won from a block panchayat division in Ernakulam in the civic body elections.

Anas won from the Vanchinad division of Vazhakkulam block in Ernakulam district on a ticket of Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI), political arm of Popular Front of India (PFI), whose activists were allegedly behind the attack on Joseph for preparing a question paper containing blasphemous references to Prophet Mohammed.

Anas, now in judicial custody and lodged in the Viyyur central jail in connection with the case, won from the division defeating the nearest UDF candidate by a margin of more than 1,000 votes, while the LDF candidate came third.


As ever the problem is not that ONE man is a violent intolerant (although for the victim was enough and he was not alone when he did it), but that this guy is actually supported. Winning an election, after everyone knew he was accused of this brutality, is just the same as sanctioning it.

Spain: $3b arms deal with Saudi Arabia targeted

This is disgusting. Then they will boast about their pacifism:

Spain’s El Pais newspaper said in a report on Monday that Madrid is trying to reach a deal for the weapons worth three billion euros (4.17 billion dollars) with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the benefit of a subsidiary of Spain in the group of General Dynamics Corps, U.S. defense.The newspaper said without citing the source of the news that Spain hopes to reach a deal to General Dynamics Santa Barbara to sell between 200 and 270 model from the tank (Leopard 2 no) when the Saudi Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan (what a name) official visit to the country in November.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a key ally of the United States in the Middle East to modernize its military equipment and put the finishing touches on a contract for military aircraft worth $ 60 billion with the United States, which was announced last week.

Acquired General Dynamics, which provides the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan, the weapons company of Santa Barbara manufacturer of the tank from the Spanish government in 2001.

via Spain targets arms deal with Saudi Arabia, three billion dollars.

Those tanks they are selling are from one of the advanced military programs with the latest technology (found), put on hold by the Spanish Government, due to the budget deficit (some Eurofighters are on the list too, while other projects will be abandoned). All of those were made for the required development of the Spanish Army. 😡

PS: Isn’t it clear that Zapatero has Obama as an example? Even when selling weapons! 🙄