UK: Islamism challenges notion of freedom, Bishop Nazir-Ali says

‘It is often thought the main threat of radical Islamism to the West and, indeed, the world, is terrorism. It is also said to be the isolation of Muslim communities which allows extremists to recruit people to their cause.
‘Such views are not mistaken but they confuse effects with causes.
What the world has to recognise is that we are not simply dealing with faith, but with a political, social and economic ideology.

Radical Islamism is a worldview. Its nearest parallel, despite many differences, is Marxism.
…’Muslims, like anyone else, should be free to practise and propagate their faith. They are free also to contribute to public debate.
‘The principle of one law for all, however, cannot be compromised.
‘Freedom of expression and the right to change one’s belief must be maintained…”.
Found at The Iconoclast.
Photo: Church Times.

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