Iran: (another) prominent human rights campaigner, sentenced to jail

After Shiva Nazad Azari‘s 6 yr- prison sentence and Hossein Derakhsan aka Hoder‘s possible death penalty, now Emad Baghi has also been sentenced for “engaging in propaganda against the Islamic republic“.
A prominent Iranian rights campaigner has been sentenced to six years in jail after he recorded an interview for the BBC’s Persian language TV channel.
Emad Baghi was convicted of engaging in propaganda against the Islamic system, a statement on his website said.
The court charges referred to his BBC interview with Iran’s leading reformist cleric, the late Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri.
Mr Baghi, 49, remains free, pending an appeal hearing.
The interview was broadcast after the death of Ayatollah Montazeri in December 2009. His funeral sparked a series of anti-government demonstrations across Iran.
Mr Baghi was arrested days later, then freed on bail in June.
In a separate case, he was sentenced in July to one year in prison and banned from political activities for five years, after being convicted of endangering national security in relation to his work defending prisoners’ rights. An appeal court upheld the sentence on Tuesday.
….He has spent four-and-a-half years in prison over the past decade, and suffers from serious heart and kidney ailments.

2 comments on “Iran: (another) prominent human rights campaigner, sentenced to jail

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