Bosnia: Al-Jazeera purchases station, will begin broadcasting in Jan 2011

The Qatar-based media giant Al Jazeera has purchased a broadcasting station in the Bosnian capital. The operation is slated to begin January 2011 in Sarajevo and later be extended to the entire region. News of the Arab broadcaster’s Bosnian expansion has produced diverse reactions.
“People aren’t afraid of a new war, exactly, but rather political upheaval,” said Boro Kontic, head of the journalist training institution Media Center Sarajevo.
Kontic likens the arrival of the Arab media conglomerate to the atmosphere before the start of the Bosnian war, when it was announced that Sarajevo was to become regional headquarters for the European TV channel Euronews.
The reactions are basically two: first, those who support Al-Jazeera because it can be “an independent and objective source of information” and, secondly, those others who see a desire of political influence on the Balkans’ sphere.

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