Germany: Merkel on mosques

For years we have deluded ourselves on this subject”, Merkel said, but “mosques, among other things, will become an ever more present feature of our landscape”.

She added that immigrants who did not make enough of an effort to integrate in the country should expect to be treated “firmly” and would “suffer the consequences”.
We cannot accept a parallel society in which fundamental rights such as equality between men and women would not be the rule”, she said.
Only the Constitution can serve as a basis for us to live together in tolerance and respect. Whoever wants to live here must accept that.”
[Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung/AFP]
Found here.
And what happens if the people who come tell you that they are tolerant but they aren`t and are just waiting for their moment? Officials in Sweden fear Islamization and say:

It’s not necessarily the case that we’ll all become Muslims, but that we will have to obey Sharia. . . Through Muslim immigration and rapid propagation, as well as through Turkey’s membership in the EU, Europe can become dominated by Muslims.

Something that Thailand knows well, while MSM usually avoid this fact.


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