Pakistan: another Christian church burned

Violence against Christians continues, because of the “threat” to burn the Qu’ran. UCA News:
A Pentecostal church in Karachi has been attacked and vandalized by militants still angry over a threat to burn Qur’ans in the United States earlier this month. (NOTE: The Koran was not burned…. and yet…).
Nine copies of the Bible, three hymn books and three wooden crosses were found burnt on Sept. 18 at the Nasri Pentecostal Church in Shah Latif Town, Karachi.
The area is home to about 120 Christian families.
A dholki or hand-held drum used in gospel music was also found damaged.
The church gates were open and the locks broken. The attackers broke open a cupboard and vandalized religious items at around midnight,” said Pastor Peter Shahzad.
He was speaking to after a Sept. 19 Sunday service in which he urged the government to punish the culprits under the country’s blasphemy laws.
Pastor Shahzad later led his congregation to a protest rally at the Karachi Press Club, a popular venue for demonstrations.

One comment on “Pakistan: another Christian church burned

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