Somalia: Al-Shabab confiscates two main TVs and radio stations in Mogadishu

Somali insurgent groups opposing the transitional federal government (TFG) of Somalia have confiscated two main radio stations and TVs: Horn Afrik and GBC editors and eye witnesses confirmed Sunday.
Heavily armed militants from the Al-Qaeda-proxy in Somalia, Al-shabab who have been surrounding Horn Afrik for the past three days have stormed the station on Saturday evening and looted it.
As soon as they entered the station, they directly went to the archive and destroyed it and they then started to loot all equipments including the FM transmitter” one of the radio editors who demanded anonymity because of security reasons told Somali Sports Press association (SSPA) which also lobbies for rights of journalists and the spread of democracy throughout Somalia.

Not only Al-Shabaab has closed TV and radio stations. The other terrorist Al-Qaeda-linked group in Somalia, Hizbul Islam, has also threatened radio stations in the past if they didn’t close at its request.


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